Bev & Bill Quackenbush

, November 13th, 2003, Sarnia, Ontario

Hi everyone

Just a few lines to say hello to other quackenbush's. Would like to hear from others; just to see how many there may be in the province of Ontario or even country. You don't hear this name very often from here in Sarnia Ontario. Just found out today there is another Bev Quackenbush living in the city of Sarnia, Ontario. I have lived here for 34 years and this is a first time hearing this today.
Hope to hear from you's soon.



Joshua Thane Quackenbush

, December 11th, 2003

It is kind of a strange way fate has allowed me to talk with long and distant relatives.
Growing up I lived with my Mother, my Sister and my grandparents.
The people besides myself who could share the Quackenbush name with me was only my sister.
My parents got divorced when i was real young, but for some reason i remember it all.
Surprising considering i was a year and a half old. Anywhoo...

My father lived in another state, and my sister and i would get to see him every other weekend.
My Father, my sister, and my uncle were the only relatives i knew with our name.
My cousins who were Named Quackenbush, aren't blood... But that doesnt make them less of family.
So as far as i knew when i was just a wee lad I and my close kin were the only Quackenbush's to exist.

Then about 15 years later i started working in acting and at one of the auditions
i went to the casting director told me that i had a very intersting name and its
a name he could never forget becuase his teacher (35 years prior) was Mrs. Quackenbush.
So from then on i knew that there was at least one more of my kind out in the world.
Then I got a job at a local hardware store. So i automatically get employee discounts.
Well, the way you get the discount is by typing your name into the computer/register
and it shows a list of people with your name. I thought "Hey! this will be easy. I'll be the only one in here."
I was WRONG. There were 2 others. 2 may not normally be a large number, but when you see it
in a small business like ours it kind of stands out. Then... one night i got really bored...
(probably cuz i was exremely ill.)... and i started typing out names of people i
knew into the address bar. First was My girlfriend. Then My own name. Then My girlfriend's
brother (who happens to be one of my best friends). and then i typed in Quackenbush...
and Now i know there at least 15 more Quackenbush's in the world. But there's
always one thing that bugged me about this name. NO ONE CAN SPELL IT CORRECTLY! It's
said the same way it's written. It's phoenetic. how hard could it be?!?!
I Got it worst in High School my diploma had my name spelled incorrectly.
both of my diplomas. (we got a regular size one and a wallet size)
Now, I see according to the history of our name that i really shouldnt worry
about a different variation of my name, but then that's like calling someone named John, Jon.

In any case, I've learned more from this site about my family history then i have from
my dead grandparents or from my father. But No matter what i still think the Quackenbush name holds more than just whats there. I believe all Quackenbush's are "outside the box" thinkers. i was raised that way, and by reviewing this site, it seems im not the only one.

It would be intersting to see a Family Tree on this site so everyone could trace back to their origins.

I am willing to share my info if anyone else is up for it?

And if there was a guestbook for members of the family to sign in and leave what ever they wanted to there. Meanings of Names, war stories, political and scientific advancements etc etc etc.

Well Anywhoo... i leave you with my family quote. "Carpe' Diem"

~Joshua T. Quackenbush


Andrew Quackenbush

, December 13th, 2003, Oregon

what\'s up fam. i love you all very much. i can\'t believe i haven\'t met you yet. it\'s sad. well, i hope to see you all soon, and at least in heaven.

your cousin, son, nephew, uncle, grandpa, brother, husband, great grandson. andrew



, December 26th, 2003, mpls. mn

as a grandaughter of a quackenbush, i have just completed my family history, so to all my family in canada and the united states, we have alot to be proud of..and take pride in the quackenbush name....


Charles & Claudia Moser

, January 16th, 2004, 10239 Rising Tree St. , Las Vegas, NV 89123

Rob & Sharon,
Thank You for your hospitality and warm welcome while we were in town. We look forward to your knowledge and expertise as we embark on our coffee journey.

Charles, Claudia, and (Eveann)


Dan & Kathy Wetzel

, January 16th, 2004, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Way to go Dude!!


Charles and Claudia Moser

, January 16th, 2004, Las Vegas, NV

Please disregard our email address!!! It was sent to the wrong Quackenbush.



, January 25th, 2004, Berlin, Germany

I am interested in family history of the Quitman(n) family. One member, Federica Elisabeth Quitman *1784 in Curacao, living in Rhinebeck NY, married Peter W. Quackenboss 1807 in Schoharie NY. I wonder about their children (at least) 4, and possible continuation of this branch up to the present time. About Frederica E Quitman and hr family, we know quite a lot. Please, can anyone help me?? Dieter Quitmann.


Jon Derek Quackenbush

, January 25th, 2004, Albany, Ny

Im a big fan of the quackenbush's, have been all my life. We have quite a large crop of people here in the upstate area and love the fact that there are more elsewhere. We are spreading like a grass fire!

I jest of course, but that is the quackenbush way. Much love to you all...


keith Quackenbush

, January 28th, 2004, florida

this is my last name sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!


Frank Quackenbush

, January 30th, 2004, Waxahachie Tx.

We are not alone. It's great to hear that there are so many people with the same name that appear to be just as proud of their heritage as I am. I welcome and thank all that that contribute to our history



, January 30th, 2004, waxahachie texas

do you or anyone you know of know anything about a
Quackenbush bicycle gun,it was built around the late
1800s and sold from Penn. if you or anyone knows
where i can find one or any info it will be greatly
appreciated thank you
frank k. quackenbush


Megan Quackenbush

, February 4th, 2004, Maryland

It's so cool to know about your name!!!!!!!!!!


Ryan Quackenbush

, February 8th, 2004, Amsterdam, ny

I never thought I'd have a website devoted to my last name. My ancestry is deep rooted, i see.

I remember when i was in elementary school, in our library there was a book by an author named Robert Quackenbush. When you're 6 and you see someone else has the difficult last name to spell, it's rough to comprehend.
When i got into middle school, i met two friends named Christina and Nicole who were sisters also with the last name Quackenbush, and their aunt Katherine taught at the school. I, however, have no relation to them that i know of.
I also found out that there was someone going to school only an hour from me that has the same name as me as well. I was kinda bummed about that. We're getting numerous here in upstate NY.

Take pride in the name! It's a conversation piece!


Brendan Quackenbush

, February 10th, 2004, Latham, Newyork

Wow, a whole site about my last name............never would have thought. Anyway, Quackenbush is a cool name, and, as you might not know, some of these people here are my cousins..... But, I love my last name, even though people sometimes make fun of it...

Quackenbush shall live on!



, February 18th, 2004, Burien,WA

I visited the HM Quackenbush Co. a few years ago. At the time I was interested in the bicycle, hanging on the wall of their front office. I have two Quackenbush rifles, both are "rim fire" One has the detachable wire stock and the other has a wood stock. They are not in the best of condition. I also have some nut cracker and pick sets -old and late ones.I learned my name was Quckenbush when I was 12 years old and I am very proud of being a Quackenbush who dates back to the original family from Holland



, February 18th, 2004, Burien,WA

I visited the HM Quackenbush Co. a few years ago. At the time I was interested in the bicycle, hanging on the wall of their front office. I have two Quackenbush rifles, both are "rim fire" One has the detachable wire stock and the other has a wood stock. They are not in the best of condition. I also have some nut cracker and pick sets -old and late ones.I learned my name was Quckenbush when I was 12 years old and I am very proud of being a Quackenbush who dates back to the original family from Holland


mikayla Quackenbush

, February 26th, 2004, Portland ORe

I was born a quackenbush and dont reall kno much about my name and finding out the history of my last name was amazing.i feel privleded to be a quackenbush just sucks that im gonna get my last name changed when i get married cuz im only 14 now!


Elise Quackenbush

, February 27th, 2004, you know

Hey bro, what's up?


Cody Quackenbush

, March 3rd, 2004, Onsted,MI

Wow, a whole site about my last name.
Nver would have thought.
Anyway, Quackenbush is a cool name.
I love my last name, even though people sometimes make fun of it.



, March 3rd, 2004, oregon

do u know about the quackenbush building in oregon
its in my family



, March 5th, 2004, pleasant lake mich

i am an original susie q


Andrew Quackenbush

, March 9th, 2004, Buffalo New York

hey i'm another quackenbush, sorta. My grandpa was born a Gravande but he was adopted into the Quackenbush family from Hornel NY. Some of them still live there but most moved away. For my family we live in Buffalo and my grandpa just died in november of 2000.


Jessie Cook

, March 12th, 2004, washington state

Hello to all Quackenbush's..! I was named after my Great Grandma Jessie Quackenbush (Goodman) who was married to my Great Grandpa Fred Quackenbush...son of Isaac and Adaline Quackenbush...Fred, from the Vernon county area of Wisconsin....Isaac, born in New York. I have gotten into researching the family for the past month and am loving it! Question....Is there any other Quackenbush sites also!???? Great to see our heritage carrying on!



, March 17th, 2004,

Heya, Do any of you guyz know " Donovan Quackenbush? " If so, you can contact me and tell me what relation you have with him.love alwayz, me


Darlene P.Quackenbush

, March 23rd, 2004, Onaway,Michigan

Hi,I'm related to the famous Pieter Quackenbush,I feel so fortunate to be in the Quackenbush Clan...


Tony Kwakkenbos

, March 25th, 2004, Kingston Ontario

The name Quackenbos actually originated about 1845 in
Oude Ade an small town in the province of Zuid Holland
The Netherlands (Nederland in Dutch) and meant that Jan
son of Claes lived near a bos in wich quacken where hunted
A quacken is a type of queel about 2 feet tall and nest in
Hope this helps,
Tony Kwakkenbos


Seth Quackenbush

, March 30th, 2004, Peterborough, on

Can you please send me more pictures of the air gun as I might be intersetsed in purchasing that particular item.


Michael Quackenbush

, March 30th, 2004, Albany Ny

I was just wondering if I am related



, April 2nd, 2004, Amarillo Tx

iam a Quackenbush !!!


Timothy Quackenbush

, April 6th, 2004, 3374 sw potts st port st lucie FL

hi what else do you know about my family


Barry Quackenbush

, April 11th, 2004, Beloit, WI

it's a name you don't hear often, but it seems that a lot of people i've talked to have met a Quackenbush in their lifetime. I understand the family name is on things from rifles to air hoses. It's pretty amazing. One of the companies my work has a contract with has the name Quackenbush. Didn't realize how common the name was.


John Quackenbush

, April 13th, 2004, 601 E. hill Dr. Goodyear, AZ

Im a Quackenbush


John Wayne Quackenbush

, April 13th, 2004, 601 E. hill Dr. Goodyear, AZ

Im a Quackenbush


Samual Quackenbush

, April 25th, 2004, NY

I'm one too.


Joshua T Quackenbush

, May 3rd, 2004, Middleboro Mass

Just went online and found out there were 2 brothers "bill" and Max Quackenbush that Played for the Boston Bruins in the 40's and 50's.

Both brothers are in the NHL hall of fame


Philip Michel Quackenbush

, May 3rd, 2004, Metopolitain Michigan

My Grandfather Moved To Michigan from the area outside of Buffalo Newyork in witch my Great Grandfater moved from Canda


Debbie Quackenbush

, May 6th, 2004, #57 Georgian Way Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Excellent Site!!
I have lived in the Edmonton area all my life (37 Years) and for the longest time, my immediate family and I were the only Quackenbushes listed in the directory. It only been in the last year or two that I have noticed a few unfamiliar names.


Quitmann, Dieter

, May 27th, 2004, Berlin, Germany

Frederica Quitman, of Rhinebeck NY, married Peter Quackenboss in 1807 (?). I am searching descendants of this couple, because I'm searching generally for Quitman descendants as a part of our Quitman - family. Who knows about Walter Henry Quackenboss and the siblings, and about their children etc? Thanks Dieter.



, June 15th, 2004, Hartford, Connecticut

As I read through these entries I see there are quite a few Quackenbushes in Michigan and Ontario. This is news to me.
I imagine these areas must have had a concentration of Dutch settlers.

Here's what I know or have heard:

I've always know that there were many many in upstate NY from Dutchess County North through Albany County and Northern New Jersy too. In the Albany area it is actually a very well known name. If memory serves, the oldest building in Albany (which is the second oldest city in the US after St. Augustine, FLA) is called Quackenbush House. It is on Quackenbush Square near the Hudson River. It was built in the mid 1600's.

The Quackenbush's were not wealthy but they were patroons or land owners which put them in an upper class. Their business was a tavern/inn in the Dutch Trading post of Fort Orange (now known as Albany).

Many Quackenbush's are/were Catholic, but I'm not sure if that's a result of changes in the demographics in the Albany area which is vastly Catholic.

Over the years the Quackenbush's have been in many businesses - manufacture of nut crackers/bottle openers etc, a lumber yard, a department store, manufacture of bicycles and guns, an architecture/engineering firm.


William and Mary Ann Quackenbush

, July 13th, 2004, Copper Harbor, MI, 49918

Hello to you all. Our branch of the Quackenbushes came from the Detroit area after they migrated from Canada.Bill's two sisters and his late mom and dad were born in Canada, around London and Strathroy. There are still relatives over there and two of our kids live in the states, one in Nebraska and the other in Florida. Hope to here from one and all.



, July 21st, 2004, 4 - 2 Wallace Terrace Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada P6C-1J8

Hi. My name is William James Oliver Quackenbush, I was born in Welland Ontario, Canada March 20, 1943, I am wondering what the requirements are to be able to view or contact the present occupent(s) of the Quackenbush Castledo they have an E-mail address?



, July 25th, 2004, Halifax , Nova Scotia , Canada

the Ontario Quackenbushes originally migrated during the American Revolution and also during the War of 1812 . My branch of the family came across Lake Ontario during the War of 1812 and landed on Pictou Island ..they made their way into Eastern Ontario from there .There is in fact a Quackenbush Lake in Eastern Ontario.


Erik Quackenbush

, December 2nd, 2005, Lake Forest, IL

Somebody just pointed out to me that the guest book has been
broken for a long time. It should be working now.



, April 10th, 2006, Michigan

I am trying to find a copy of the book"The Quackenbush Family in America" by Gail Richard Quackenbush, can anyone help me with this????


Erik Quackenbush

, April 11th, 2006, Lake Forest, IL

As far as I know the book is out of print. You could try Amazon (they deal in used books) or eBay. If you're just looking for specific data I can look it up for you.


Frank Quackenbush

, April 16th, 2006, Kingston,Ontaio,Canada

Good to see so many with the same name ...I am interested in finding out more about the Quackenbush Name. anyone that can help with any info...it would surely be appreciated.

Frank Quackenbush


Quandra Prettyman

, April 18th, 2006, New York, NY

Dear Edward (surely, it was Ed),
I remember the day as well. I must correct the Jamaica reference; it was Baltimore, MD. But I'd like to keep the "drop-dead bauutiful young woman" part--though I'm quite gray now.
With fond memories,


Brian Vree

, April 23rd, 2006, goodyear arizona

I am married to a quackenbush, and they are quite popular here. My wifes grandfather Harvey Quackenbush is a retired Air Force Fighter pilot with a book written about him and his friend (Journey into darkness) Now all the q's are construction magnates. Dont know if anyone is related but I wanted to find out if my wife is really dutch, We all know if you are not dutch you are not much......


Matthew Broder

, April 30th, 2006, Connecticut

I'm interested in learning about the descendants of John Lyman Quakenbush and Angeline Margetta Collar, who would have been married to each other beginning in about 1860 or so. My understanding is they had two sons, but I don't have their names.

Angeline Collar's father, Ornan Collar, is the brother of Daniel Northway Collar, my great-great-grandfather.



Robert Allen Quackenbush

, May 8th, 2006, Clarkesville, GA

I was born in Wyckoff, NJ in 1933 as the 3rd son of Roy Peter Quackenbush and Mary Ricker. My wife was browsing a geneology site when I happened to notice the name Mary Ricker. Clicking on it we not only discovered it was my mother but that it was part of our family tree going back to Pieter Janzoon Quackenbosch born in Holland in 1590. We attended a Quackenbush family reunion at Warwick N.Y. in August of 1960 which was attended by hundreds of Quackenbushs from all over the country. A typewritten publication titled "The Quackenbush Family Courant, Vol.1, No 1" was handed out and I still have an original copy. I wonder if any of your readers attended that reunion.


Brad Quackenbush

, May 10th, 2006, Westminster,CA

I love hockey and am trying to locate an authentic Boston Bruin Jersy from 1956, the year Bill retired. Unbelievabley difficult item to aquire.


Kevin Russell Quackenbush

, May 12th, 2006, Bothell Washington 98021

Am I related to you guys? Because that would be sweet. Quackenbush Rules


Debi Cook

, May 15th, 2006, East Providence, RI

My step-brother's name was Roger Quackenbush, Jr. of Warwick, Rhode Island. His family grew up in the Gaspee Point section of Warwick, RI. There were 3 boys and 2 girls in that family. The Mother was Blanche (Alice) and the father was Roy.


Katrinna Quackenbush

, May 16th, 2006, Atlanta, GA

Hi! This is sooo weird that there's this many Quackenbush's. I always thought my immediated family were the only ones. I always heard that there was and author with the last name Quackenbush, but that was it. Of course all throught grade school you hear every nickname under the sun for your name and now i think it's hialrious to think about all the nicknames. And then with my first name being Katrinna..it was no one could spell either name. It's like come on people, just look at it, it's spelled just like it sounds.

Anyways just wanted to say hi to all of my other distant relatives! My grandparents are Ruth and Goldie Quackenbush (goldie has passed away) and my dad is Barney Quackenbush. Ok well hope to see a family tree one day on here. Bye!


Amanda Quackenbush

, May 16th, 2006, New Hampshire

I love when people make comments and ask about our last names and then tell us about the common department store that was named something like Quackenbushes...anyone know what they are talking about?



, May 16th, 2006, Houston

At you a remarkable site, work in the same spirit:-)


Shawn Anthony Quackenbush

, May 25th, 2006, Northern CA. Sonoma

I am in the US Army currently serving in Iraq.


Lyman Blaine Quackenbush

, May 28th, 2006, St. Petersburg ,


Lyman Blaine Quackenbush

, May 28th, 2006, St. Petersburg , Florida

Hi, I am the son of Robert Lyman Quackenbush and grandson of Lyman Valentine Quackenbush. The name Lyman goes back a few generations. My family is from the New Jersey area.


Jonathan g. quackenbush

, June 2nd, 2006, LaJunta,colorado

yep i was born a quackenbush in michigan,we moved to colorado in 1974,if you want to know more just email me.wow what a name huh?


Bob Quackenbush

, June 7th, 2006, Clarkesville, GA

Quackenbush's Dept Store was in Paterson,NJ. It started as a small dry goods store on Main Street. It grew to a large department store after the Quackenbush family sold it. The store was ultimately purchased by the Allied Department Store Chain who also owned a chain of stores in the NY, NJ area called Sterns. For advertising purposes it was later called Stern's Quackenbush. I believe the Quackenbush name was ultimately dropped.


michael j quackenbush

, June 7th, 2006, brockport new york


michael j quackenbush

, June 7th, 2006, brockport new york

just wanted to say hello , send me a message. unfortunately there arent many quackenbushs around here and those that are dont get along .


Peter Quackenbush

, June 9th, 2006, Havre de Grace

Do you know my Family.


dana parish

, June 12th, 2006, Hephzibah, GA

I am a granddaughter of Stanley S Quackenbush. I would like to know more about the family.


Lillian Quackenbush

, June 15th, 2006, Flagstaff Arizona USA

Hi Quacks, just a little hello from the desert. I am actually spending some time in the Homeland right now (breda Netherlands) going to school. it is beautiful. Tot ziens Lillian


Deborah Quackenbush (Butterfield)

, June 29th, 2006, Oklahoma

Hello! Anyone from the Santa Rosa bunch?


Robert Quackenbush

, July 2nd, 2006, Long Island

My friends call me QuackerJack all the time. so on long island we have the long island ducks atlantic divb. baseball team. well when the had a contest to name the mascot my niegbor sent in the name Quackerjack. He won got season tickets and i got to tell a new story. Oh and the site is good everyone of those questions I`ve heard a million times. wow it`s spelled just like it sounds. duh.


Gary Van Quackenbush

, July 2nd, 2006, Anaheim CA

Great site, never realized our name was spelled bosch at the end. Thanks.



, July 13th, 2006, NYC


Gordon Lewis Quackenbush

, July 19th, 2006, Peterborough Ontario Canada

Son of George Roy Quackenbush and Doris Joan Booker.


John Q.

, July 21st, 2006, New Carlisle Indiana

Where was it now? between 6th & 8th Avenues and 39th to 41st Street?
Somewhere around there. Too bad they didn't hang on to it. That land may be valuable someday.
The famous Q. mansion on Bleeker Street has long since been torn down.
The address was a vacant lot in the early 1970s.


Joseph Quackenbush

, July 22nd, 2006, Clifton Park, NY


Bernard J. Bernatonis

, July 23rd, 2006, Coventry, RI

Just a note that I found a book titled "Look Over My Shoulder" by Melvin Quackenbush at libray book sale...it is signed copy #80 of 100 of the Quackenbush family of New Jersey.


David Quackenbush

, July 24th, 2006, Memphis TN

I come from a family that moved to St Catherines ONT in the late 1800s. My grandfather was in a wreck and they did not think he would live, so they never reset the broken bones. He moved to IA where my dad was born.
Looking forward to meeting more of the clan!



, July 25th, 2006, New York

Hello! I wish to thank authors for this site, it was pleasant to me! I hope that the project will develop only. With the best regards, Samanta.


Danielle Quackenbush

, July 26th, 2006, Richmond, Va

Just stumbbled apon this website and was wondering if there are any other quacks in the richmond area i found a David Quackenbush one night out of the random and i have never met anyone else with the last name...oh i was born in greenwoodlake new york so if there is anyone from there i would also like to know! thanks!


Thomas Quackenbush

, July 28th, 2006, Oak View, California (near Ventura)

Heya all you's Quackenbush's! We are, naturally, the best family that has ever, and will ever exist.

In case you're wondering, you all share your last name with a future MLB star. Yes, that would be me. When I am a pro Baseball player, I will make the name of Quackenbush proud. Just look for my name in about....7 years.



katie Quackenbush

, July 29th, 2006, albany,ny


Michael Mitchum

, July 30th, 2006, 148 N. MapleSt. Adamsville,Tn,38310

I have a nickel plated .22 rifel side breach.
This .22 is just like the second one in your site picture.
I would love to find out what year it was made. It has been in our family for a long time. And what do you think it is worth. It still shoots well and is very acurate. Please write me back and let me know something, I am realy excited
that I found you on the internet.
Thanks, Michael


Michael Mitchum

, July 30th, 2006, 148 N. Maple st. Adamsville, tn 38310

I have a .22 rifel that I would like to know more about it looks like the second picture on your webb site. Please send me some info or let me know where I can get some info.
Thanks, Michael


Sandra G. Turpin

, August 2nd, 2006, Texas

Fond memories of walking past Quackenbush's, listening to Christmas music and the snowflakes drifting down. as a young girl(12), I would walk through the store, just enjoying the energy, even though I could not buy anything.


Sandra G. Turpin

, August 2nd, 2006, Texas

Fond memories of walking past Quackenbush's(on Main Street,(Paterson, NJ), listening to Christmas music and the snowflakes drifting down. as a young girl(12), I would walk through the store, just enjoying the energy, even though I could not buy anything.


Ray & Anne Quackenbush

, August 3rd, 2006, Rochester,NY 14618


Michael J. Quackenbush

, August 3rd, 2006, Burlington, Ontario, Canada


John Thomas Quackenbush

, August 3rd, 2006, Montreal, Quebec


Kip Quackenbush

, August 11th, 2006, San Diego, CA

Great to see the website! Small world - and tell me that you all haven't heard these before:

1) Do you a XYZ Quackenbush in XYZ town?

My favorite: Quackenbush? How do you spell it?
My answer: Phonetically!


Melvin J. Quackenbush

, August 12th, 2006, Pinetown, North Carolina


Bret Quackenbush

, August 14th, 2006, Washington, DC

Just curious what other Quackenbush's in the areae of DC.


kathleen quackenbush woschanko

, August 16th, 2006, clifton park , ny

Sister has the book of the Quackenbush family, we are 11th or 12th generation, descendents of first of three sons born to peter , in albany, 1660's
Still live in suburb of albany, where it all started 400 yrs ago


kathleen quackenbush woschanko

, August 16th, 2006, clifton park , ny

Sister has the book of the Quackenbush family, we are 11th or 12th generation, descendents of first of three sons born to peter , in albany, 1660's
Still live in suburb of albany, where it all started 400 yrs ago


Robert A and Bonnie B Quackenbush

, August 16th, 2006, Ocala, Florida

If you're a Quackenbush, it seems everyone else you come in contact with in your daily lives will tell you, "I knew a Quackenbush back in..... or I went to school with a Quackenbush, etc" or ask, "do you have a relative in ....?"
So, we do not have an unusual name because everyone knows of one somewhere or other, but isn't it amazing that we are all related in some way or another?


Shelley Jackson

, August 18th, 2006, Canby Oregon

Hi, My maiden name is Quackenbush, My father's mane is Archie Quackenbush, his Father's name was Guy Robert Quackenbush, his Father's was Willian Quackenbush. My grandfather was born in Wisconsin in the late 1800, he moved to Oregon in 1906. I am going to Holland in January and I am wondering if anyone has any infromation, especially Quackenbushes in Holland that are related to my family. Thank you, Shelley Jackson 503-651-3241


Debbie (Quackenbush) Butterfield

, August 22nd, 2006, oklahoma



Amy Quackenbush

, August 22nd, 2006, Manheim, PA


Robert A. Quackenbush

, August 24th, 2006, Clarkesville, GA

Shelley, Pieter Quackenbush was born in Oestgeest, Holland in 1614 and immigrated to Albany NY. His wife was Maritje Ariens and he had 8 children ( Maritje, Johannes, Wouter, Nelletje, Reynier, Annetje, Magdalena & Jannetje). The first five were born in Holland and the others in Albany. His father was Pieter Janszoon Quackenbush born in Holland in 1590. His wife was Nelletjen Pietersz. Pieter was their only child. His grandfather Jan Quackenbush was born in Holland around 1590. I have no info on his wife or other children.


Robert A. Quackenbush

, August 24th, 2006, Clarkesville, GA

Shelley, Pieter Quackenbosch was born in Oestgeest, Holland in 1614 and immigrated to Albany NY. His wife was Maritje Ariens and he had 8 children ( Maritje, Johannes, Wouter, Nelletje, Reynier, Annetje, Magdalena & Jannetje). The first five were born in Holland and the others in Albany. His father was Pieter Janszoon Quackenbosch born in Holland in 1590. His wife was Nelletjen Pietersz. Pieter was their only child. His grandfather Jan Quackenbosch was born in Holland around 1565. I have no info on his wife or other children.



, August 24th, 2006, SAGINAW, MICHIGAN


Gregory A Quackenbush

, August 24th, 2006, Plantation,Florida


Edith Quackenbush Salyer

, August 26th, 2006, Howell, Michigan

My grandfather, Thomas Henry Quackenbush was born in 1855 in Kemptville, Ontario. He married Bertha Victoria Phillips in 1889 and they went to Brandon, Manitoba to live.

As a single man, Thomas had established a homestead in Aweme near Milford and Brandon, Manitoba. He received a Western Land Grant and proved up the farm in 1883-1888. He returned to Grenville county, Ontario and married Bertha.
They had six children, but only two survived infancy, Harry Lorne who was killed in WWI and Russell Chester Quackenbush born in 1900. Russell is my father. He came to Michigan in 1921.


Brad Quackenbush

, August 26th, 2006, 44 Mulberry Street Rhinbeck NY 12572

Am i fabgfgfmous


Brad Quackenbush

, August 26th, 2006, Red Hook

Am i fabgfgfmous


Frank Quackenbush

, August 26th, 2006, Amherstview,Ontario

My great great grandfather settled in a place called Consecon, Ontario and came from New York stae in around 1812 or 13, if anyone has any info from this period that would be greatlt appreciated.


Frank Quackenbush

, August 26th, 2006, Amherstview,Ontario

My great great grandfather settled in a place called Consecon, Ontario and came from New York stae in around 1812 or 13, if anyone has any info from this period that would be greatlt appreciated.


Andrew Quackenbush

, August 27th, 2006, West Caldwell, NJ

I\\\'d like to say thanks to all the Quackenbushes worldwide for keeping the name alive. Keep making those Quackenbabies!!!! Keep on Quackin\\\' on. And always remember what the Mighty Ducks movies have taught us. QUACK!! QUACK!! QUACK!!


Shelley Jackson

, September 4th, 2006, Canby, Or

Robert A. Thank you for the information. I would like to connect the dots, form Pieter to William J.


Robert A. Quackenbush

, September 5th, 2006, Clarkesville, Ga

Most Quackenbushs in the US are descendants of Pieters son Reynier. However, an Isaac Quackenbush emigrated from the Netherlands to Michigan shortly before the Civil War. It is possible that Quackenbushs in Michigan and California are descended from Isaac rather that Pieter. I have information on my line to the present but no info on Isaac.
Bob Quackenbush


Shelley Jackson

, September 7th, 2006, Canby Or

Bob, Thank you for the info I will do some snooping around. Shelley


Robert A. Quackenbush

, September 8th, 2006, Clarkesville, GA

If you are going to Holland to try to find a Quackenbush, good luck. The name has died out in Holland and no Quackenbushs are known to exist in Holland. Your best bet is to start with everything you can pry out of relatives. From there, try the Church of the Latter Day Saints. They have geneology librarys in every church. They also have a web site.


Eric Quackenbush

, September 8th, 2006, New York, New York

Contact me if you want, all you Quackenbush's out there.


Richard Edward Quackenbush

, September 10th, 2006, Gilbert AZ

And that is an original of my own.

Rich Q


Richard Edward Quackenbush

, September 10th, 2006, Gilbert AZ

There is one nickname you left out, "DUCKWEED". And that is an original of my own.

Rich Q


John M. Quackenbush

, September 11th, 2006, Jacksonville, FL (formerly Albany, NY)

If you are researching the Quackenbush name in the Netherlands, try searching for, "Kwakkenbos."

"Quackenbush" is the Anglicanized or Americanized spelling.


David Quackenbush

, September 15th, 2006, Maryland

On the cartoon show Duck Tales that featured Donald Duck's nephews (Hewie, Dewie, and Lewie), their teacher's name was Miss Quackenbush.

Thought that you'd like to know.


John Quackenbush

, September 15th, 2006, Maryland

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the book, "The Quackenbush Family in America"? I would like to purchase a copy or two.


Gregory Quackenbush

, September 16th, 2006, Drexel Hill, PA

I just thought I would say hello. On September 2, 2006, I married a wonderful woman named Melanie and made her a Quackenbush.


Wandering Blackfox

, September 17th, 2006, indiana

I've been working on my family tree and found your site. I'm looking for information as to rather or not my grandfather Robert Othel Quackenbush SR. is of this Quackenbush family or if you know where the roots may be.

thank you


shannon quackenbush

, September 25th, 2006, murrieta,ca

omg!i didnt think anybody else had this name!


jenny quackenbush*yea its me hi emma!

, September 25th, 2006, murrieta,ca

this is so cool i cant b leave we have a web site lol!



, September 25th, 2006, GLADSTONE, MISSOURI



Kristen Quackenbush

, September 27th, 2006, Danville, California

Daughter of Kip Quackenbush :) HI DAD!!


darlene Quackenbush Paulson

, October 5th, 2006, Houston, Minnesota

Would very much like to buy a book of the Quackenbushs in America..By Richard /Gail Quackenbush.I will pay the new price of the book and postage..Thanks


darlene Quackenbush Paulson

, October 5th, 2006, Houston, Minnesota

Would very much like to buy a book of the Quackenbushs in America..By Richard /Gail Quackenbush.I will pay the new price of the book and postage..Thanks My e mail address is
gordarpaul@yahoo.com Thanks..


Erik Quackenbush

, October 6th, 2006, Lake Forest, IL

This book has been out of print for at least 15 years. It
was published by a vanity press.


shannon quackenbush

, October 7th, 2006, temecula,california

Omg i never thought there were so many Quackenbush's in the world lol. The first day in 4th grade i got made fun of because my last name {(*_*)} And i am in 11th grade lol Yes i am young well c ya "quack quack quack!!!"


Jan Quackenbush

, October 10th, 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada

I have 3 sons, Kip, Kris, and Kyle. I was surprised and pleased to see Kip had signed the guest book. Let's hope the other to boys get to it.

Good job on the site, Thanks, Jan Quackenbush


Susan Quackenbush Weeks

, October 11th, 2006, Bedford Hills, NY

My Dad has always been very proud of his surname; but I have to say growing up with it was a bit tough, although being born with the permanent nicknames of Susie Q and Sue Quack is kind of cool, and no none ever forgets it. I love the way people react to my maiden name, and it's funny that I still have to spell my married name for everyone because even "Weeks" is mutilated. One of the things I found amusing on the site was the posting about not being able to find the Q on a keyboard when typing; I remember first learning to type in high school (I probably just dated myself) and being the last one in the class to be able to type my name because Q was the last letter we learned. This is a great site - Thanks!


Austin Quackenbush

, October 17th, 2006, Minnesota


Austin Quackenbush

, October 17th, 2006, Minnesota

Are Any of you Actually Blue Blooded? Do you know Bob Quakenbush?


Cody Atkinson

, October 19th, 2006, Bothell, Washington 98012

TWEETINTREE! I am going to call my friend Kevin Quackenbush that forever now... Quackenbush Rules!


Carie Quackenbush

, October 20th, 2006, rochester, ny

It took me so long to find this page,but im so glad its here for me to view our history, thank you so much!


Matt Quackenbush

, October 21st, 2006, San Diego, CA

Only a select few have been chosen to bear this great name.


Hunter Scott Anthony di Lorenzo Quackenbush

, October 22nd, 2006, Miami, Florida


Pieter Natale di Lorenzo Quackenbush

, October 22nd, 2006, Miami, Florida


James J Quackenbush

, October 22nd, 2006, 168 Brayton Rd.

I dont think anyone looks at my page so dont worry about unwanted attention.


Erik Quackenbush

, October 26th, 2006, Lake Forest, IL

database test


Amy Quackenbush

, October 28th, 2006, Jackson, New Jersey

There is a whole link of Quackenbush's here in NJ. People in this state also think it is a very uncommon name. To the contrary it is a very common name as we can all see.


LInda Quackenbush

, October 28th, 2006, Jackson New Jersey

This is Amy Quackenbush's mother


Lisa Quackenbush

, October 28th, 2006, Jackson, New Jersey

I am the daugther of Linda and Lee Quackenbush and my younger sister, is Amy Quackenbush. Yes it is true people often say what an unusual name but it is quite common as I can see from this list!


Nancy Quackenbush (Nodelman)

, October 29th, 2006, Old Bridge NJ

I'm very proud of my Quackenbush (maiden) name and heritage. It's enlightening to see we all still have a bond back to one man who ventured to America way back in 1660 from Holland.... Be well and keep it growing


Brian Alexander

, November 2nd, 2006, Clifton Park

i am related to you


Swamy Quackenbush

, November 2nd, 2006, Izmir Turkey



Kim Jung Quackenbush

, November 2nd, 2006, North Korea


Jackie Quackenbush

, November 3rd, 2006, Aiken, SC

Moved from Albany, NY. Am looking for the book title above.

Husband is Robert T. Quackenbush (Parents Robert B. Quackenbush and Irene T. Quackenbush)

Husband's grandparents William Quackenbush and Helen Bills Quackenbush of Albany area.

Thank you


Erik Quackenbush

, November 3rd, 2006, Lake Forest IL

I believe The Quackenbush Family in America book has been out of print for many years. If you find yourself in the Chicago area you're more than welcome to come browse through my own copy.

your humble host,

Erik Craig Quackenbush




Guno Ritfeld

, November 7th, 2006, Miami,FL

Looking for Nick Quackenbush. Used to work for the state department as an diplomat (GSO) in Suriname, Haiti and Bahamas.
Does someone has his contact info.

Thanks, Guno


Ryan Quackenbush

, November 9th, 2006, Lakewood, NJ

Pretty wierd that there are this many Quackenbush\\\'s out there.


david watkins

, November 13th, 2006, liverpool, england

Hi. I am English and have been studying my maternal ancestors. They were called FLITTON. In 1867, James Walby Flitton and his wife Marion Westrope and six children crossed the Atlantic and made home in the area of Sabula and Walnut Grove. They settled and of course their children grew up, married and they all lived in the area. their youngest child was Eleanor Dorothea Flitton who was born on 10 Dec 1874 at Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri. She married Roy Quackenbush during the late 1890s and had a daughter Beatrice. I believe she (Beatrice) may have married a Theo Langton. I think Roy Quackenbush died in 1999 but I am unclear as to whether this was the husband of Eleanor or possibly a descendant.
I hope you do not mind me writing like this - once you start on the trail of a family tree, the roots seem to stretch forever and whereever.
Anyway, I would be delighted to hear from you and to know whether you can identify any of the good people described above. I am hoping very much that there may be relatives living today who are direct descendants of Eleanor Flitton and Roy Quackenbush.
Kind regards
David Watkins


Jason Quackenbush

, November 15th, 2006,



Don Quackenbush

, November 23rd, 2006, Rancho Cordova CA

I am the last of my clan of Quackenbushes. Had no sons, 2 girls


Nicholas B. and Alicia Quackenbush

, November 23rd, 2006, 892 Winchester Court, The Villages, Floida 32162

My wife and I recently returned from living and working overseas for the past 28 years. The only place that we ran into the family name in our travels was in the Bahamas. Following are two stories about the Bahamas Quackenbushes.

There was a doctor Quackenbush at one time who practiced in Nassau, probably about 40 years ago. He delivered a large number of Bahamian babies during his practice. As soon as you mention to a older white Bahamian that you are a Quackenbush, they tell the story about Dr. Quackenbush and the mother who took her young daughter to him for an examination. The daughter was complaining of abdominal pains. After the examination the mother asked the doctor for his diagnosis. Dr. Quackenbush replied, madame, I am sorry to report that your daughter is pregnant. The mother protested that this could not be so, as her young daughter had never been with a man. The next thing that she new, Dr. Quackenbush was intently staring out of the window as if looking for something. The mother asked, \"Doctor, what are you doing?\" Dr. Quackenbush turned and casually replied, \"You know madame, that last time that a thing like this happened, there was a star in the East.\"

We also ran into the name Quackenbush in Hopetown in the Abacos. There is evidently a Quackenbush family who owns a home there. There is also a park in Hopetown named Taylor Quackenbush Recreation park. As the story goes, Taylor Quackenbush was a three year old child who was playing in the road and was hit and killed by the first automobile on the island. The park was named in remembrance of young Taylor.

Best regards to all Quackenbushes - Nick and Alicia Quackenbush.


Thomas Bradford

, December 9th, 2006, Anacoco

I am a son of a Quackenbush, and would like to know more about my family, etc.. I am a daughter of a quackenbush and would like to know more about the family. For any information email us back pleases. We are eager to know more and give any information available.


Deborah (Quackenbush) Butterfield

, December 14th, 2006, Oklahoma



Tabatha Quackenbush

, December 17th, 2006, Delaware

Im glad there is a web site dedicated to Quackenbush. I think you should add an area for jokes about the name. As a child I heard a ton and some where actually funny! I know most Quackenbushes are in the midwest and in or near Canada but there is a surprising number of us on the east coast.



, December 18th, 2006, Oak Harbor, WA

Hi I'm originally from Parish, NY. There are a ton of Quackenbushes up there and we used to have family reunions all the time. I have always wondered if all the Quackenbushes were related. I guess so. Crazy how you find out these little things. Gran daughter of Wesley William Quackenbush (brothers and sisters; Goldie, Bernard, Jimmy, Henry (not his real name, Lee, Ciciala, and Ruby.


Ichbinein Quackenbush

, December 21st, 2006, Berlin

I too am a Qvackenbush. How vunterful is dat?!


Matthew Quackenbush

, December 22nd, 2006, New Hampshire


James Michael Quackenbush

, December 22nd, 2006, Rochester, NY (formerly Albany, NY and Waltham, MA)


Joanne Marinari

, December 24th, 2006, Florida

My name was Joanne Marinari when I went to Benadictine Acadamy with an Alyse Knapic (sp?) from 1949 to 53. I would like to get in touch with Alyse but have lost touch over the years. I recall that Alyse's mom's maiden name was Quackenbush but not much else. Can you help me get in contact with her?

Thank you,



James Christopher Quackenbush

, December 28th, 2006, Bradley Beach, NJ

Although I am a Quackenbush, I know little about my paternal side. My father, James Rufus Quackenbush, Jr. (1946-2005) did not extract much history from his father James Rufus Quackenbush, Sr. James Rufus Quackenbush, Sr. had a brother William (Bill) Quackenbush and a sister Grace Quackenbush. James Rufus, William (Bill) and Grace were raised in the Woodbridge/Perth Amboy, NJ area. James Rufus, William and Grace were born in the late 1910’s early 1920’s.

James Rufus Quackenbush, Sr. married Hilda Marko and had four children: James Rufus, Jr (1947-2005), Carol (1952-1981), David (1956- ) and Daniel (1956- ) Quackenbush. I believe all children were born in Perth Amboy, NJ.

William (Bill) Quackenbush of Sewaren, NJ married and had several children. William (Bill) died in the early 1990’s.

Grace married and moved to northern California. My father James Rufus Quackenbush, Jr visited one of Grace's children in Northern California in the late 1990’s. Grace deceased prior to the visit.



Ryan Quackenbush

, December 31st, 2006, bellmore n.y.

this is ryan quackenbush from bellmore ny. i am realted to the bedford indiana quackenbush's. i went through ur site and i did not find one thing about anyone in my family. i also have alot more nicknames for u.
there are a lot more but i dont fell like putting them down


Darla Lehmann Quackenbush

, January 1st, 2007, Winlock, WA 98596

I have information Concerning David Clinton Quackenbush starting with my father Edgar Claude Quackenabush to his father Edmund Brown Quackenbush, I seem to reach a roadblock as the parents and etc. concerning David Clinton Quackenbush.


Fabiënne Kwakkenbos

, January 2nd, 2007, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Hi to all Quackenbushes,Quackenbosches, Kwakkenbossen etc.

My father found this website and i just wanted to say that it is really cool to know were my name comes from and that people on the other site of the world share this last name.
I'm proud of it!

Kind regards from a Kwakkenbos


Charles Quackenbush

, January 4th, 2007, Kissimmee Florida

Hello my name is Charles Quackenbush and i was born in old bridge New Jersey and I am looking for a brother named Roy Quackenbush that i have never met, I belive that he should be in the age range of 50-55. I belive my real mothers name is Helen and my fathers name was Charles Quackenbush Please call me if you have any information (407) 846-6612-home
THANK YOU !!!!Quackenbush


Kenneth Quackenbush 3rd

, January 5th, 2007, Caladonia NY


Robert O Quackenbush

, January 8th, 2007, Gladstone Missouri

My grandfather ws Guy Quackenbush from Lamar Missouri his father migrated from Wisconsin, after the civil war, to Missouri. He fought in the battle of Wilson Creek. Anyone realated please contact me for more info.


Quitmann, Dieter

, January 9th, 2007, Berlin, Germany

Dear Quackenbushs / Quackenbosses / ...

may I just repeat my quesion to your family researchers (visit #21 in 2004) - maybe somebody has news by now? D. Q.

I am interested in family history of the Quitman(n) family. One member, Federica Elisabeth Quitman *1784 in Curacao, living in Rhinebeck NY, married Peter W. Quackenboss 1807 in Schoharie NY. I wonder about their children (at least) 4, and possible continuation of this branch up to the present time. About Frederica E Quitman and her family, we know quite a lot. Please, can anyone help me?? Dieter Quitmann."


Chris Quackenbush

, January 10th, 2007, Norwich England


James L. Quackenbush IV

, January 12th, 2007, Atlanta GA


Arthur Quackenbos

, January 25th, 2007, Brogue,Pennsylvania

Hello All

While my name is spelled slightly different I know from thh crest that hangs in my father's living room along with a copy of the genealogy book that we are all distantly related. It is good to meet all of you.


Douglas Quackenbush

, January 30th, 2007, Nashville TN

Carie its Doug if you ever see this email me at None_beer@yahoo.com I'm not happy with the way you left me but I would like to talk to you some time.


ashley quackenbush

, January 30th, 2007, havre de grace,md

hey i think this is cool because i get to learn about my last name quackenbush. And people call me names and and when i look at some of them i think they r crazy names.


Tony Kwakkenbos

, February 3rd, 2007, Kingston Ontario

Jan Jacob Beslisz born about 1500,had two sons Claes jansz andWillem Jansz born about 1520,Claes son, Jan Claesz was called Quackenbos because he lived at a farm near the village of Oude Ade on wich was an bos where quacken (an type of Quail) lived.


jesse quackenbush

, February 4th, 2007, kingsport tn


sean phillip quackenbush

, February 8th, 2007, jacksonville FL

that's a very short list of nicknames. i must live in a creative area


Adele Quackenbush (DeSande-Married name

, February 12th, 2007, 11 Harvard Ct Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

I lived on Quackenbush Lane in Monsey, NY all growing up. It was a farm over 1oo years ago. My dad and grandfather's names were Calvin. I am proud to be part of a loving and wonderful family.



, February 12th, 2007, nebraska

I have a wire stock nickel plated
Quackenbush bicycle gun in about 99% contition, plus a holster that I think came with it. Will consider selling, make an offer.


David Quackenbush

, February 18th, 2007, Farmingdale, NY

I was just surfing and found this site.


Cornelis L Kwakkenbos

, February 18th, 2007, Nieuwkoop NL

Hi Q-Kwakkenbos friends over there, great to hear you all are interested in who\'s related to whom.
The \"Quack\" isn\'t a duck sound, it\'s a small heron that lives in bushes.
During the short occupation by Napoleon Boneparte in the Netherlands, many family names were altered, shortened or just made up. \"two brothers reported ate the civil servant to register their family name. First one say\'s: my name is Janssen. Clerk writes that down. Second brother says: the same(ditto). That would be his family name ever after\"
Kees Kwakkenbos


Angela Joan Quackenbush-Tryon

, February 21st, 2007, Peterborough,Ontario Canada

Hello to all Quacks in the world.I am the granddaughter of George Roy Quackenbush of England and Doris Joan Booker also of England.
We have just lost a young Quackenbush,my 38 yr old lil brother
Gary Steven George Quackenbush
Gary Steven George Quackenbush April 30,1968-Feb 4,2007 of Peterborough Ont,there is a web memorial for Gary at


angela Quackenbush

, February 21st, 2007, peterborough Ontario Canada

direct link to Memorial pictures for Gary S.G.Quackenbush
just copy and paste the link below in address bar:


Erik Quackenbush

, February 21st, 2007, Lake Forest, IL

I am sorry for your loss. I did not have the privilege of meeting Gary.

Live HTML tags and links are normally disabled here, but I have manually activated the link to your brother's memorial.

--the Management (39 year old Erik C. Quackenbush)


Ann Quackenbush Berkery

, February 25th, 2007, Santa Ana, California

Hi all Quackenbushes!
You can add Chris Quackenbush to notables list. He was killed in 911 tragedy.
And HM Quackenbush father of the extension ladder, air rifle, and awesome nutcracker.


A.J. Stephens

, March 3rd, 2007, Dormatory


I am writing this in reference to you dry ice cannon. I was wondering where I could get a 100 PSI filter bag housing. I have searched the internet with no luck. Also I was wondering if PVC chamber would work instead. Please e-mail your response to ajeds (at) zoominternet (dot) net



Erik Quackenbush

, March 5th, 2007, Lake Forest, IL

You can obtain the X100 filter housings from filterbag.com. I do not recommend using PVC. It is brittle and will not withstand repeated pressure and temperature changes.

Disclaimer: a dry ice cannon is a dangerous thing. Wear gloves when handling dry ice. Always wear safety glasses. Wear hearing protection when launching. Make sure they are not illegal in your jurisdiction.


Brian H Quackenbush

, March 7th, 2007, Livonia Ctr NY

Carie please call your dad.


Jaci Quackenbush

, March 7th, 2007, Liviona, center, New york

Carie What is up with you.

Give a call or drop a letter. Love, Mom


Kimberly Michelle Quackenbush

, March 7th, 2007, Livonia Ctr NY

Dear sis I love you.Please call me Love Kimmy


Lindsey Quackenbush

, March 10th, 2007, Greenville, SC

Hey, im seventeen years old. I didn't know there was a whole other side of the family. I THINK. . .that's the weird thing, no one on the list is of any of my knowledge in my imediate family or even anyone i have ever heard of. The only family that i know of is in either SC, NC, or FL. So, thats pretty cool.


Andrew Quackenbush

, March 12th, 2007, Warwick Rhode Island

i never knew there were so many of us!!!

i do have a nickname i dont think youve heard yet: Duckshrub


Tianna Mann

, March 14th, 2007, Kent, Washington

hello, i was looking for information of my family. i had looked up my grandfathers last name Quackenbush, Ray Charles Quackenbush, i have no idea if there is any relation. well most likely not because my family is no where near your level. My grandfather is completly english. he is so cool. he married my grandmother Jean Miller, but they are divorsed now. he has a new wife in her 30's.
thank you for reading



, March 16th, 2007, KINGSFORD, MI



Peggy Quackenbush

, March 19th, 2007, Milton,PA

I was here look to found out some more thing about my family history.


Douglas Wolfanger

, March 28th, 2007, Nashville TN

Carie its Doug your ex from like 1998 to 2001ish. I made it through two wars and the only thing that kept me alive is that maybe one day I might just find you in my living room in my log cabin. I know things were rough between I and you, I know I did not pay enough attention to you; I know so many things went wrong and for that I'm sorry. You have no idea how much you meant to be and I know why…

Because I did not tell you enough. 24 months in the middle of the dessert gives you time to think…that is after the fear leaves your body…What I did over there and what I see I wish not on my worst enemy.

Its now 2007 and I still hurt. I joined the army for you. I wanted to be able to provide for you and take care for you. And I want you to know that I still have the Friends Forever thing off your necklace. And so many other things all your letters…

Letters I never sent you…letters I wrote and re-wrote and never sent. After the wars my life has not been the same. Every happy memory I have was with you and those memories make me cry.

How can something 7 yrs ago still make me cry? Its because the way we parted. I would have given you anything Carie and you know that I would have done anything for you. Why did you lie to me about your friend’s car being broken and needing the money to get it fixed?

The thing that bothers me the most is that as quick as you came into my life, you left it. Not a bye, not a see ya later, not a word. I’m sure I am the last thing on your mind. But let it be known, you will always have a place in my heart.

Please email me at




Amanda Quackenbush

, March 28th, 2007, YO MAMA

YAY I'm not the only freak with the name quackenbush!


Steven Lenox Quackenbush

, March 29th, 2007, Seattle, Washington


Michael T. Quackenbush

, March 30th, 2007, Fort Collins, CO

Yeah it's Quackenbush! Say it loud, Say it with Pleasure!


William L. Quackenbush

, March 30th, 2007, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Hello fellow Quackenbush’s,

The Quackenbush name is alive and well in Wisconsin. I hope to see more Quackenbush’s from the Wisconsin area offer input to this site. How they’ll find it I’ll never know, but if I did by chance, maybe they will as well. I can tell you a bit about the Quackenbush’s from this area though. No specifics since this is just a comment area, so…
In the early 1800’s the Quackenbush’s were some of the first pioneers to enter this region and establish resident farms after the waves of Swedish, Bohemian and German loggers moved further north in pursuit of larger pineries to satisfy their log mills. In the early 1900’s you would see Quackenbush’s in politics and public positions, often being mentioned in historic documents as being involved in community functions and events. You would see Quackenbush men serving as Constables and City Board members, others were well known for professions as masons, shop smiths and barbers, while the Quackenbush women were often seen mentioned as teachers or mid-wives in their communities. Through the Depression and after the world wars, there was change in the air and Wisconsin Quackenbush’s began to sell their farms and move to larger communities to become business owners, doctors and lawyers. If there’s one thing about a Quackenbush, they are not afraid of the unknown, and they have a can do attitude, don’t they?
There’s quite a few Quackenbush’s living throughout the WI, MN and IL region, yet I never seem to actually bump into any for some reason. I tend to do a lot of traveling throughout the states, and I can attest as well, when you talk to long time locals from their area, they often mention "They once knew a Quackenbush" and more times than not, the memory is fond. And like many other Quackenbush‘s, I often find it easier to relent to their inner wishes and suggest the Quackenbush they’ve mentioned, is distantly related in one way, form or another.
One thing I’ve noticed, since everyone is discussing familiar oddities, is that I am sure many of you go through the same rituals as my family of six does when they travel. One of the first things we like to do when we reach a hotel and we’ve had a chance to settle down a bit is, to take out the phone book in the room and look up the various Quackenbush’s, Quakenbush’s, Quackenboss’s, etc. I think you’d all be pleasantly surprised to know that if you’re ever in need of a Dentist, a Lawyer or a Banker while out of town, you only have to look as far as the Q’s in the yellow pages…
Anyhow, I’d like to thank Erik C. Quackenbush for creating the Quackenbush website. I would also think that this was a family project with a lots of outside input and insight from others to boot, so hopefully the thanks to Erik will suffice for the others as well. The appreciation is heart felt. I’ve just spent a pleasant evening viewing all the hard work that went into this site, as well as all the great comments that’s been sent in from throughout the world, and I’m hard pressed to remember a better time spent on memorializing the Quackenbush name in a self evident way. Makes the world a little smaller place, knowing there are Quackenbush’s scattered throughout, just waiting to bump into the likes of me with such a unique name such as their own.


William L. Quackenbush


michael quackenbush

, March 31st, 2007, Brockport


michael quackenbush

, March 31st, 2007, Brockport , NEW YORK


Dan Quackenbush

, April 3rd, 2007, Glenham NY

Hey I'm A Quackenbush Too. Theres a bunch of us in this area some I know and some I don't. Interesting Site.


anela quackenbush

, April 4th, 2007, 22savin court

Hi there i would like to know more about the history of the quackenbush and how they got the name and why is it called quackenbush. can u send me the information to my email address.

thank you,
angela elizabeth quackenbush


David Quackenbush

, April 7th, 2007, New Hamburg, On Canada


angela quackenbush

, April 9th, 2007, west haven ct

i need information on the quackenbush
if you can send it to this email address
satansmonkey23@yahoo.com i will be
glad thankful for this and it will help
me to unstand my history and why
my last name is so diffenter then
other people.
also can you send me information on how
we got our name and why are we called
the quackenbush in the first place?

thank you for you time,
your's truly,
angela E. quackenbush


Mark Quackenbush

, April 9th, 2007, Aboard "Baythoven" somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay


Lynn Beattie

, April 12th, 2007, Arizona

I am looking for Arizona relatives of Roy Quackenbush from the Warwick New York area. He had a son Clayton


Sheryl Marquez

, April 16th, 2007, Portland, Oregon

Handed down some cartoons my Great Aunt enjoyed and wanted a litle information for my family about Grace Quackenbush. I enjoy a better understanding of the times forgetten and people too. Have a 12 yr old that would like to tell about this.

The cartoons were Adventures of Susie Squash


Marlene Rosenblath

, April 16th, 2007, Vennachar, Ontario Canada

I am wondering if there is a connection of Peter(Philip) married to Joanna Bebee who are buried at the Vennachar Cemetery. As well, I am looking for information on their son-George Drayper Quackenbush who served in WW1. He was born in Frontenac County-Ontario(village-Wensly). His next of kin is listed as P. Quackenbush(Whitney) Ontario. The family must have left this area and moved to Whitney and returned as their burial site is here. George is buried at Vimy Ridge-but reference is made to him on their grave stone.
Any info will be appreciated.
Marlene Rosenblath


Todd Quackenbush

, April 16th, 2007, Gresham Oregon


Mike Quackenbush

, April 17th, 2007, Saratoga Springs

Wesley Quackenbush was my grandpa, i miss him dearly RIP. i was wondering who started this site?


jason quackenbush

, April 18th, 2007, Portland,Oregon


Andrew Quackenbush

, April 19th, 2007, Hanau, Germany

What a great website i used 2 live in buffalo but now im in germany,


Tim Quackenbush

, April 20th, 2007, Port St. Lucie, FL

Hi i am very amazed by this website i think i might be related to you people


Catherine Quackenbush

, April 23rd, 2007, Mobile, AL


Debi Balough

, April 23rd, 2007, Ogden, Utah

I'm very impressed with your site and that the name Quackenbush is so abundant back East.


Craig M. Quackenbush

, May 3rd, 2007, New York City

I came across this site a couple years ago, but had not signed the guest book. After a coworker asked about my name today, I recalled the site and... here I am (and forwarding links to her). My father is Harold Ruhl Quackenbush, born and raised in Detroit. His father was Harold Wilbur Quackenbush. However, I was born and raised in the Finger Lakes Area of New York (my father relocated to where my mother was raised). After much youthful wanderlust, I now reside in New York City (Astoria, in the borough of Queens, to be precise), and work as a legal assistant, freelance book editor, and a soon-to-be-published novelist.

The site is a wonderful resource of information regarding the background and history of our inimitable family name. It is also, as I mentioned, the perfect place to direct people curious about the name, as well.

Many thanks.

-Craig (van) Quackenbush


Ellen Quackenbush

, May 4th, 2007, Concord, MA

Great to read all the "do you know XYX Quackenbush in..." stories. In most companies I've worked, no one reads beyond the last name. I routinely get all Quackenbush correspondence in my organization--including a string of reimbursement checks from a sales rep in San Fran when I was working outside Boston. Yes, I returned them.

My maiden name and I am SO glad I never changed it. After getting teased in grade school, I figure I'd earned the privilege of keeping it.

And, yes, when asked "Do you spell that Gua.. or Crack.." I simply say, Just like it sounds. Quack like a duck, in , and bush like a small tree. Never fails to make a friend or get a smile.

My nickname--EQUACK


Quackenbush,patricia j (nee =tyler)

, May 10th, 2007, walla walla, washington

HI.I marrid a Q. in BROCKPORT NY.....jAMES Cecil Q. He had a twin brother John Henry Q. (he later changed the last name to Bush)....Their dad was HENRY CECIL Q. and he married Mary.... MR Q was from MANITOULIN ISLAND in CANADA and moved to Brockport NY....There were lots of QUACKENBUSHES on the island ...some of the "elders" insisted that the correct spelling of the name was QUESCHINBACH...note it was a long time ago in the 1960.s that I saw the spelling ...phonically it was Quesch in bach. TO MICHAEL from BROCKPORT NY ....you must be related....cause my husbands family never got along either...seems they thrived on quarreling..Jim and John had a brother ELDRED wife Marion they had a small dairy farm on lake road. There was also a brother EVERET,sisters ELSIE and MARY there may have been one more brother?? I left Brockport where the Quackenbush name was rare...there were 2 Quackenbush's in walla walla and lots of them in the Portland Oregon area. Have any of you seen the old western with a wagon train traveling west and through out the flick you here the phrase "look for the grave of Jim Quackenbush" My exhusband James said he was in Army Reserves with a fellow that was in movie business they were pals and I guess thats how he happened to use that phrase in the movie. Well bye all......if we are related...give a holler on the e mail.


Joseph Quackenbush

, May 13th, 2007, Clearwater, FLorida


Deborah (Quackenbush) Butterfield

, May 15th, 2007, Oklahoma

Hello all


Kyle Quackenbush

, May 17th, 2007, Denver, CO

This is wonderful. I learned so much. Wonderful to be associated with such a unique name.


Hannah Quackenbush

, May 18th, 2007, Austin, TX


Debbie (Quackenbush) Butterfield

, May 19th, 2007, Oklahoma

Harmon born 1794 did he have 2 wifes? Polly Brooks and Rosetta Baker?


Debbie Butterfield

, May 28th, 2007, Oklahoma

Anyone no anything about Rosetta Baker m. Quackenbush or Polly Brooks?


Karl Quackenbush

, May 30th, 2007, Seattle, WA


Kevin Quackenbush

, June 5th, 2007, Monroe Washington

Hey you stole my last name. I dont think im related to any of you!!


Ryan Quackenbush

, June 7th, 2007, San Diego

quackenbushs' are the best


David Quackenbush

, June 7th, 2007, Encinitas, CA

Just learned about this site from another Quackenbush in San Diego. What a hoot!


Jason and Jane Quackenbush

, June 13th, 2007, Strathroy ontario

Very interesting site, I find it a blast finding out more about my name and other stories that come with it. I also find that everyone seems to get along, if you follow the tree back far enough, if it were possible, then perhaps we all do come from the same tree. I was getting married so my wife had a website put up just to make things easier for out of town guest, and I think we had about 5 e-mails from Quackenbush\'s from across North America just to say congrats. I thought that was really cool. So to everyones else, we are all lucky to have this name, and I carry it proud


Victoria Quackenbush

, June 22nd, 2007, Suffern NY

Quackenbush is my married name but, there sure is alot of history in this family!!!


Tyson Henry

, June 27th, 2007,


Katie Quackenbush

, June 29th, 2007, Boston, MA

I live in Boston now, but I'm originally from northern NY, near Canada. My brother Jay Quackenbush was recently married in Albany, NY, and we celebrated the rehearsal dinner in Quackenbush Square, Albany NY. SO much fun! We learned a little about the family and the history of our roots in Albany.


Amanda Evans Quackenbush

, June 29th, 2007, Nashville, TN

Hello, fellow Q's! I am the daughter of James Edwin Quackenbush and Karen Elizabeth Evans, and my paternal grandparents are Leland and Elizabeth Quackenbush of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

My grandfather (who was a professor of engineering for UM) did the genealogy for our family and figured out that we go back to the original Pieter Q in the 17th century. As a history PhD student, I have a special appreciation for our longevity here in America, and I have always been proud to bear the name. My favorite nicknames have been \"Duckinshrub\" and most especially \"QB,\" because I am a huge football fan! My biggest pet peeve is when people leave out the \"c\" in my name.

In our branch we often refer to a family trait we call the \"Q factor,\" which seems to be a permanent part of our genetic make-up: all of us are opinionated, stubborn, and hate to admit when we are wrong! Sure does makes for lively conversation around the dinner table. ;)

Best of luck and love to all the Quackenbushes of the world.


Gary Quackenbush

, July 3rd, 2007, Toronto Canada

great site!


Ann Elizabeth Quackenbush Sutton Berkery

, July 6th, 2007, Orange County, California

Just wondering how many of us are in Southern California.
I Have the Gail Richard Quackenbush book and it is awesome!!!!! I will look up names for you as time permits.


Michael Leath

, July 7th, 2007, Prince Edward Island, Canada

I'm Michael. I'm 17 years old and I live in PEI, Canada. I'm glad I came across this web site. My grandmother's maiden name is Quackenbush, and we are distantly related to the Oesgstgeest Quackenbush family. It's cool that we have a coat of arms and everything. I'm also glad I finally know what Quackenbush means!


Erik C Quackenbush

, July 8th, 2007, Lake Forest, IL

Ann, my grandparents Ivan and Priscilla live in Huntington Beach California.

Are there are any Quacks on Vancouver Island?


Ton Kwakkenbos

, July 13th, 2007, Matheflon - France

I originate from Holland. My father Kees Kwakkenbos was born in Nieuwkoop, Netherlands.

Could somebody explain me whether our family weapon is real and to which date/year is traceble back to?

Greetings from France, where I live since 10 years now.


Toni Quackenbush ack Toni Rosa

, July 18th, 2007, Hollywood,Florida

im trying to search for my family with of quackenbush's


Cheryl and Charles Ramirez

, July 21st, 2007, Minnesota

We have a H.M. Quackenbush air rifle. The serial # 32504,
Is there anything you can tell us about it? Year made, value, Etc.


Robert F. Quackenbush

, July 23rd, 2007, Miamisburg, Ohio

Yet another Quackenbush checking in. My dad is Charles W. Quackenbush of Fort Edward, NY. He enlisted in the USAF back in the 40's(then known as the Army Air Corp) and saw the world, eventually collecting a wife and four kids. He retired from the USAF in Dayton, OH and worked for the University of Dayton for many years. Retirement was kind to him as he never had a financial worry and maintained relative good health until called before our Lord. Sadly he passed a decade ago and he is buried at the St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Ft Edward along with his bride, Irmgard. I am the 3rd child of that fortunate union. I graduated from Miami University(the real one, in Ohio! Seriously folks, Miami was a University when Florida still belonged to Spain!) anyways, I graduated in 1983 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Ten years later after collecting my very own bride as well as four children of my own, I left the Marine Corps to pursue interests that didn't involve getting shot at while in a sandy place. But I missed the camaraderie of the Marine Corps... So I joined the Reserves since, back then, whoever even considered an activation order? Well, "My recruiter lied to me"!!! I was activated to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and went back to that God-forsaken armpit of the world for the second time. I left Iraq for the last time in May, 2003 determined not to give Achmet a third chance at my hide and retired from the Marines with 20 years of service. I have been working in the Dayton area ever since. I have two kids in college, one at Miami and one at Ohio State, and two kids still working their way through the local schools.

By and large, life has been very, very good to me! Yes, I got teased as a kid but I think that was just the envy talking. Those poor kids with boring last names like Smith and Jones knew they were missing out on a good thing...


Betsy Hernandez

, July 27th, 2007, Nason City, Iowa

She was my grandmother, Ornan Elmer /Quackenbush/ her father and Lambert Solon (Suydam) /Quackenbush/ his father.

anything would be nice


Kristine Whitman

, July 31st, 2007, Kenmore, WA

Rollie is my great, great uncle. He lived in Seattle for many years. His wife's name is Jeanette. Does anyone know what happened to them?


Todd Robert Quackenbush

, August 9th, 2007, Portland, Oregon

We totally rock, love to you all!


Douglas Henry Quackenbush

, August 13th, 2007, Blue Springs, MO

Thanks for putting this website together and keeping it updated. I didn't find my lineage listed. My father was David Adams Quackenbush (born in 1889) and he married Hazel Lulu Wicks/Weeks/Weekes (born 1898). My grandfather's name was Peter Quackenbush who was born around 1848. It is reported that he spent some time in the Ontario, Canada area, then owned a store in Gouveneur, NY. His partner in the business ran off with the money and grandfather paid it all off and bought a hard scrabble farm southwest of Harrisville, NY. Farm has been sold and we've all scattered. My siblings were Donald, Keith, Pauline, John LeRoy, Robert, and me (a late surprise!). Don, Keith, and Pauline have all died. John lives in Plattsburgh, NY, Bob (and he signed in to this website a year ago -- I'm just a little slow) lives in Ocala, FL. I married a Kansas girl and here we are in MO. We've all retired but my son owns and operates Quackenbush Engineering Solutions in Wellington, Mo where I moonlight while collecting SS.

Please keep the good information on all your family histories flowing and perhaps some good Samaration will put another genelogy together for folks like me -- interested, but with too many other things (called grandchildren) to fatigue us. I did like the description of Quackenbushes -- headstrong, stubborn, opinionated and add to that -- don't like to take orders and each of us believes we ought to be boss. That must be why we are separated and spread out. On the flip side of that coin, if someone demands the shirt off our back, there will be a fight, but if we understand the need, you won't have to ask, it'll be handed to you. Guess that's why there was a Revolution in 1776.

There is no doubt that God has blessed this family.


Jon Quackenbush

, August 14th, 2007, Goshen,New york


Nicole Quackenbush

, August 15th, 2007, Woodstock, ontario, canada


Paul Quackenbush

, August 16th, 2007, Marienville PA

Well it is to my suprise that there are this many of us all over the country well goo luck to all of you.



, August 17th, 2007, ROSEBURG, OREGON

Anyone know what ever happened to Wayne Garside Quackenbush?
He was born around 1944. Vietnam Vet, and lived in southern California in the 60's.


celesta quackenbush palmer

, August 18th, 2007, Ripley NY

Hello how are you doing?


Brai Quackenbush

, August 21st, 2007, North Crane

I find it very disturbing that you allow links to be posted. We all lose loved ones. My 2 sisters were killed in the afternoon by a drunk, suicidal driver. I would never come here to post a link to their pictures. Also has anyone visted this site by Miss Angela Joan Quackenbush? I found it hard to navigate past an advertising site of race cars, and pop ups. Please check these things out. Oh yeah and the Quackenbush name is an adopted name for me, but I'm still proud of it.


Gregory l.Quackenbush

, August 24th, 2007, Savannan Ga.

hi did you know my fother he was Carl L.Quackenbush. i thank he had a bother named jim or john mabe jack. ido not remeber hes wife bonniy and im Gregory one of three boys im the baby then thers bobby#2and also cari he was lasaly we ges he needed to be a jr. no one knows way.he died at46 yr old.i have two sons and one yong lady they bonny carl and lil jacob all by defernt mom's


Dr. Montgomery Boorthrod

, August 24th, 2007, Maple Shade, NJ

I know someone with the last name Spillane that has a great-grandparent named Nettie Quackenbush. Just thought I'd add to the list.

Dr. Montgomery Boorthrod


Michael Quackenbush

, August 28th, 2007, Chapel Hill, NC and NYC

A few "Quacks" have contacted me regarding my brother Christopher who was in WTC #2 104th floor and who tragically was lost. Thanks for the kind words and a truly great Quack was lost that day. www.christopherquackenbush.com


Kathy Verhoeven

, August 28th, 2007, Yorba Linda, California

My mother is Derce Camille Quackenbush, daughter of The Honorable Justin C. Quackenbush of Spokane, Washington



, September 2nd, 2007, OHIO

My Great Grandmother was Lucy Hayes Lepper, 1/2 sister to Martha Quackenbush Lepper, and yet, Lucy and Martha were also Sisters-In-Law; married to Brothers - John and James Lepper. John and James were the sons of John A. Lepper.


Linda Ann Berry (nee Quackenbush)

, September 6th, 2007, Sparks NV, USA


lindsey quackenbush

, September 12th, 2007, las vegas , NV

i was unaware there was another uackenbush in the world!


Becky Quackenbush

, September 24th, 2007, Fordland, MO

I married into the Quackenbush name 4 years ago. This is a great site. I can't believe there are so many other Q's out there. I'll add another name to the nicknames folder: Quacken (It's what I was called while serving overseas)



, September 25th, 2007, Alabama


Lillian Quackenbush

, October 2nd, 2007, Orange County, California

Don't tell my boss I looked at this while I was at work. Nice to see a Quackenbush web site. Perfect cure for a QuackAttack!


Lillian Quackenbush

, October 2nd, 2007, Orange County, California (Arizona originally)

Hi, I saw your message and we are from Arizona and have a Clayton Quackenbush in our family. You can contact my dad in Tucson at swatchild@aol.com. Tell him Lilly says hi!


rachel quackenbush

, October 4th, 2007, roland oklahoma

i was just tying to find some kind of family. My dads side is from Louisiana and most of them are dead so i don't know any family or history on the Quackenbush side.


Christina Quackenbush

, October 5th, 2007, Amsterdam, NY



, October 7th, 2007, ALABAMA


Martha Sue Lenegar-Walden

, October 7th, 2007, St. Louis, Missouri

Trying to complete my family geneaology on Quackenbush. My grandmother was Ada Nora Quackenbush-Johnson. She had about 9 or more siblings, some names, Mabel Mae, Earl.


Amanda Christie Quackenbush

, October 17th, 2007, Georgia

yea i\'m pretty sure this last name sucks!!!


Chip Sharpe

, October 18th, 2007, Bayside CA

My grandmother was Betty Meade Quackenbush Apple (born 8 May 1884 in Chatham County, North Carolina to William Jacob Quackenbush and Elizabeth Perry Quackenbush; married William Elisha Apple 11 October 1905; died 25 December 1975 in Guilford County NC). Can anyone tell me anything about this William Jacob Quackenbush branch?


kathryn oddo

, October 29th, 2007, blacksburg, va

Susan is my cousin. Our fathers were brothers.


susan deren

, October 29th, 2007, minnesota

im the grandchild of Marion M Quackenbush, born in florida and raised in new york, its nice to know i have so many cousins..hugs to you all

im looking for the family book, written by Gail richard Quackenbush. if anyone has one to sell please email me..thanks


William van Quackentush XXXIII

, October 30th, 2007, A Small Stump



Ira Quackenbush

, November 8th, 2007, Northern California


Ira Quackenbush

, November 8th, 2007, Northern California

Thought I was the only one



, November 8th, 2007, ALBANY NY


Debbie Butterfield

, November 13th, 2007, Oklahoma

Harmon Quackenbush and Polly Brooks


Bill & Kim Quackenbush

, November 13th, 2007, Sarnia, Ontario



, November 19th, 2007, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK




Kyle Quackenbush

, November 23rd, 2007, Temecula, California

I never realised how many Quackenbushs there are! watsup everyone?


dala quackenbush

, November 25th, 2007,

hello im a quackenbush too.im wondering how many quackenbushes there are near corpus christi . my family must be huge.It was nice talking to you bye.


jonathan david quackenbush

, November 26th, 2007, Ajax, Ontario


Christopher George Quackenbush

, November 30th, 2007, Escondido, ca


Christopher G. Quackenbush

, December 1st, 2007, Escondido, Ca

There is a punk band that has been around for a while and is largly popular in the punk community by the name of the vandals and the frontman for that band is a man named davey Quackenbush


George Quackenbush

, December 2nd, 2007, Mount Vernon Missouri

I use to live in San diego. The Valley Center newspaper owner is Van Quackenbush and there is a lawyer Gary Quackenbush also.


Tim Quakenbush

, December 4th, 2007, Kamloops, BC

just a note to register and say hi to all


TJ Quakenbush

, December 10th, 2007, Tuscaloosa Alabama Via Muncie Indiana

just thought i would represent the other side of the family.


joshua quackenbush

, December 12th, 2007, crawfordville,Florida

i didnt knowthat much about my last name.amazing.


Robert G. Quackenbush

, December 13th, 2007, Tucson, AZ


Dala Quackenbush

, December 13th, 2007, texas

Heyy wassup family i feel better 2 kno u out there!!!!


Bonnie Louise Quackenbush

, December 15th, 2007, 22 Pine Street, Cortland, NY

Most of the Quackenbush's I meet or hear about are teachers. I am curious about how many of y'all are. I am, my father and his sister and his aunt are.

I understand that a grand daughter of Peiter Q wrote a book about him and that it is in the Albany, NY library.

There is also a Quackenbush Square in Albany. I wonder if it was named for Peiter.

In fact, the entire Hudson River Valley has a deep Dutch history, and Albany is at the top of the river.

And during the 50's, a Montgomery Wards-like store called Quackenbush's was found everywhere. I found one in Eugene, Oregon in 1980. Are there others?


Lynn Jay Quackenbush

, December 16th, 2007, Fosters Michigan

My great-great grandfather was Jesse Quackenbush.
Supposed too have been first sheriff of Saginaw County
Saginaw Michigan


Brian Quackenbush

, December 17th, 2007, Aiken, SC

I just returned from a trip to Europe where we had a layover in Amsterdam. Though I never left the airport, it was nice to finally touch ground in my ancestors' homeland. None of the several ticketing I had contact with agents reacted at all when I told them my name. That was a first...obviously the name is a lot more common over there.


Tim Quackenbush

, December 18th, 2007, Cool, CA

Somehow a Quackenbush ended up in Bisbee, AZ, father of Louis Quackenbush, my father born in 1918. Does anyone have any connections? Know very little about this side of the family.


Scott R. Quackenbush

, December 21st, 2007, Lambertville, MI



, December 21st, 2007, BOYNE CITY MI. 49712


LU ANN Quackenbush

, December 22nd, 2007, greentown in.


Erin Quackenbush

, December 22nd, 2007, Michigan

WOW i had no idea there were so many of us..


Tim Quackenbush

, December 26th, 2007, Livonia Center NY


Ernest Quackenbush

, December 31st, 2007, Rhode Island


Susan (Quackenbush) Chappell

, January 1st, 2008, Poole Dorset England

Born in Michigan, 1948, Dad Robert E Quackenbush, Mother Paddy (english) - she met Dad when he was in England during the war. Mom and Dad divorced when I was three and Mom and I returned to England. Dad passed away three and a half years ago - Mom still going strong pleased to say. Have never come across another Quackenbush in England - found this site today - very interesting and so many of us in different places.


Stacie Quackenbush

, January 3rd, 2008, Prattville, AL


Ken Quackenbush

, January 7th, 2008, Pavilion Ny


Martha Sue Lenegar - Walden

, January 11th, 2008, St. Louis, Missouri

My grandmother was Ada Nora Quackenbush-Johnson. Her mother and father were Adam Quackenbush and Nora Canary-Quackenbush.


Alfred Cloud

, January 12th, 2008, North East Md

A friend of mine found a old gun in his attic it appears that it has been in the attic for some time. I can make out H M -------bush and Herkimer NY If some one could help me find out how old the gun is I will send a picture to them as the gunis hard to discribe but here goes Single shot 22 the firing pin pivots to the right then you load swwing the firing pin back into position behind the bullet when you pull the trigger it pushes up Then I have not a clue how the firing pin is cocked or released to strike the bullet Hope some one can help Al Cloud


jon leroy

, January 13th, 2008,


Erik C Quackenbush

, January 13th, 2008, Duncan, BC Canada

Mr. Cloud,

I suggest you contact John Groenewold of J.G. Airguns at (jgairguns.biz) for information concerning guns produced by the H.M. Quackenbush Company of Herkimer NY. John literally wrote the book on Quackenbush guns. You could still get the book from Him the last time I checked. He also offers some parts and service.

The HMQ company still exists (it is now called HMQ) but it has not produced guns or ammunition for many years.

Your humble webmaster- Erik Craig Quackenbush


Reg Volk

, January 14th, 2008, Kelowna, B.C. Canada

Looking for family members who have information on the LUCHA family of Mineville -probably descendants of Christopher Lucha and Amelia Gendron


Debra Quackenbush

, January 15th, 2008, Newark, CA


My husband Michael Roy Quackenbush has never known his full family history. His father doesn't tell us much and the rest of the family is not sure either...so they say.
All we know if that Grandfather Quackenbush was a sailor/marine(?) somewhere stationed back east and while he was on leave was struck and killed by a drunk driver.

Grandmother Gurtrude Quackenbush had only two children.
Ray Quackenbush (my husband's father) and Joan Quackenbush.

It's so strange because it's like some big mystery that no one wants to talk about. Every time the subject comes up it gets changed right aways or they just shrug their shoulders like they don't know.
I find it hard to believe that even the grandmother whose still alive doesn't even have the answers as to who the father of her only two children are.

Oh and there is some story in the family about some relative great grandmother/aunt who missed being on the Titanic because of her cat. ??? not sure if this is true.

If anyone reads this and can give me some help it would be greatly appreciated.


Dale Quackenbush

, January 21st, 2008, Dallas, Texas

Gee, I thought I was the only one.....enjoyed the site, thanks for taking the time to put it together.



, January 22nd, 2008, Seoul, South Korea

Hello, My name is Jennifer. In 1987-89 I attended Baker Middle School in Tacoma, Washington. There I met a wonderful boy named Creed Quackenbush. He was a very dear friend. He passed away in April 1993, just 2 months before we graduated. I am looking for his mother. I dont remember her name but I want her to know that her son was the most amazing friend I have ever had. If anyone knows who I am talking about I would love to find a way to let her know that he lives on through the stories I tell about him and the choices I make everyday. She would also be happy to know that one of my twin boys reminds me a lot of Creed. He is now the same age Creed and I were when we met.
Thank You,


Marni Quackenbush

, January 26th, 2008, Ottawa Ontario Canada

My father's name was Dr. Arnley Quackenbush(was a vet Carp Ont), My grandmother Margret(Madge) Quackenbush.(was a teacher in Montreal)


Mary Quackenbos

, February 6th, 2008, Red Lion, PA


James Allinson

, February 10th, 2008, Toronto, Ontario

Looking for any information on Eliza Ann, b.1812 in Fonda New York and her parents.



paul d. quackenbush

, February 10th, 2008, jacksonville, fl

its cool to be quacky


Lyle and Cindy Quackenbush

, February 11th, 2008, Max Meadows, Virginia


Steven Quackenbush

, February 11th, 2008, Max Meadows, Virginia

Glad to be a member of the \\\"Quack Shack\\\"


hayley quackenbush

, February 14th, 2008, CANADA oNTARIO



lindsay quackenbush

, February 14th, 2008, new york

hey fam!
oh man I cant believe how many quacks there are. I have 4 siblings who are all quackenbush\'s.
just curious to see some of my distant relatives
love lindsay


Erik Quackenbush

, May 30th, 2008, Duncan, BC

The guestbook is back online. I apologize for the interruption in service.


Robert Quackenbush

, May 30th, 2008, Miamisburg, Ohio

Wow, picked a good day to check back in! Just a brief update, I now have a son now deployed to a Sandy Place with the USMC. Sandy Place = Iraq for those who didn't catch the reference. We expect to see his smiling face again around November assuming all schedules remain the same.


kenny quackenbush

, June 5th, 2008, sarnia ont

quackenbush is the best last name i got quack tattiod on my back


Diane Douglas

, June 6th, 2008, 9 Crane Lake Drive, Linden, MI, USA

This site is great. My maiden name is Quackenbush. It's nice to know that there are so many other smart Quackenbushes out there! Everybody keep in touch!





Karen Chambless

, June 8th, 2008, Broken Arrow, Okla.

I am in the process of just starting to research my mother's side of the family. Her father was Ray Haviland Quackenbush. I just ran across this website and thought I would check to see if you have any information that might be of help to me.


James L. Quackenbush IV

, June 9th, 2008, Alpharetta GA

I'm unemployed, please help!


Paul A. Quackenbush

, June 9th, 2008, Peoria Arizona


Paul A. Quackenbush

, June 9th, 2008, Peoria Arizona

Son of Everett Quackenbush and Jane (mathews) Quackenbush Married to Diana with sons Brian Michael (Surprise AZ) and Alan Richard (Phoenix AZ) Grandchildren: Alyssa 10 Brian Jr 8 and Destani 8 all living in Arizona


Ruth Stuart

, June 10th, 2008, North Potomac, MD

Hi - I went to school with Barry Quackenbush - St. Benedict Joseph Labre in Richmond Hill, NY. Is he a relative of yours? Also, A Bob Quackenbush is the PTSA president at Robert Frosh Middle School here in Rockville, MD.

If Barry is around, please tell him I said hi!!


Fred Orenics

, June 20th, 2008, Ohio

I was in the AIr Force in 1969 at Andrews AFB with "Duck" Quackenbush. Are you related? Does he know the whereabouts of any of the people he served with?


Andrew Quackenbush Brinckerhoff IV

, June 22nd, 2008, Lake Forest IL


Gloria Waldron Hukle

, June 27th, 2008, New York

re: Quackenbush, Bradt, Waldron
Alida Quackenbush Bradt was the mother of Judah Bradt Waldron.


Makenzie Quackenbush

, June 30th, 2008, Portland Oregon


daniel m. quackenbush

, July 1st, 2008, Kingston, ON


Patti LaPlante

, July 4th, 2008, Wheatfield, New York

I am the great-great granddaughter of Almira Quackenbush, daughter of Abram (Abraham?) Quackenbush and Barbara Brant. I am looking for more information regarding them.


Sherby A. Hart Sr

, July 6th, 2008, Elnora, Indiana

I have located one of the Quackenbush rifles mfg Feb 23-Mar15 1886 at Herkimer, New York. It appears to be a 22 cal. rifle What can you tell me about it's history?


David Quackenbush

, July 8th, 2008, Encinitas CA

James L. Quackenbush IV, June 9th, 2008, Alpharetta GA - requested help regarding employment. Are you able to provide his contact info or have him contact me?


Samantha Quackenbush

, July 10th, 2008, Newark, DE

I am the grandaughter of Bruce Quackenbush. He is one of the orginal six. If anyone has any info on my grandfather please post.


Erik C Quackenbush

, July 11th, 2008, Vancouver Island, BC CANADA


Stuart passed away last year. My grandfather Ivan is the last. Ivan and Priscilla now live in Huntington Beach California.

I have a little bit of information about Bruce which I can send to you directly. I have sent a message directly to your email address. Please post again here if you do not get the email for some reason.


Larry L. Quackenboss

, July 17th, 2008, Arizona

I am looking for the Book The Quackenbush Family in America. Does anyone know where a copy may be obtained?


Gloria Waldron Hukle

, July 24th, 2008, Averill Park, New York

Does anyone have a contact for obtaining a copy of Gail Richards Quackenbush's book....Quackenbush Family in America pub. l987?


Katherine Quackenbush

, July 25th, 2008, Fort Johnson NY 12070

Hello i am an artist and art teacher and just wanted to sign in Dad is Hazlett Quackenbush


John Laurence Quackenbush Jr.

, July 28th, 2008, Chico,Ca

Hey, I don't know much about my Quackenbush roots and am eager to find out some more. My grandfather was Laurence (Ernest i think) Quackenbush. He married Constance Perco or Perko? My dad was John Laurence and also he had one sibling my Aunt Nancy. My great uncle was Howard. That's about all I know. I believe My grandfather and Howard may have been 2 of the "6 brothers" as my grandma vaguely told me of it when I was younger. All are dead except my aunt who I don't have contact with, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! P.S. My grandparents and Howard and of course my dad and aunt and I are all from San Jose,Ca although I know my Grandparents and Howard relocated here from Minnesota.
John L.Q.


WEndy Morgan

, July 28th, 2008, Vancouver

Dear Creed, There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you, I miss you I will always love you


Robin Quackenbush

, July 29th, 2008, Crestwood Il

Looking for my dad. I was born in 1966 in Chicago Il.
Robin Quackenbush. RObert Quackenbush computer programer for I.B.M. Currently 64. 708-691-2286



, July 29th, 2008, Crestwood Il.

Looking for my dad I spent all my life trying to find my true i.d.. Now I have some point of reference and am seeking help to close this chapter of my exsistance.Please if you have any info. call 708-925-9352.
Robert Q. worked for I.B.M. in 1966 is about 64 lived on dorchester in Chicago.I was born in cook county Il. on8\31\1966. My full name is Robin Marie Quackenbush.I only want to know who I am and to belong. My mother isolated us and I have no knowledge of any family my 6 children and I want to know our roots



, July 29th, 2008, Crestwood Il.

Looking for my dad I spent all my life trying to find my true i.d.. Now I have some point of reference and am seeking help to close this chapter of my exsistance.Please if you have any info. call 708-925-9352.
Robert Q. worked for I.B.M. in 1966 is about 64 lived on dorchester in Chicago.I was born in cook county Il. on8\31\1966. My full name is Robin Marie Quackenbush.I only want to know who I am and to belong. My mother isolated us and I have no knowledge of any family my 6 children and I want to know our roots. Seems like a great family wish I knew you all from way back when. Our best to all. Great site p.s feel free to write call or whatever with suggestions


Patricia \

, July 30th, 2008, Granville, Ohio

My daughter married Jon Edward Quackenbush, who is the son of Raymond Eward Quackenbush, son of Edward Quackenbush from Vernmont. I did not know the quackenbush\'s are of Dutch heritage! There are not many here in central Ohio!

My best wishes to you and your family.


Robin Quackenbush

, August 4th, 2008, 5620 143st crestwood

Looking for Robert Q. worked for I.B.M. in1966.Desperttly want him to get to know grand kids.Erric Thankyou for your response # was incorrect


Gary A. Quackenbush

, August 6th, 2008, Shakopee, MN

Just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in and say Hi to all the Quacks out there.


Kristine Whitman

, August 6th, 2008, Kenmore, WA


Robin Quackenbush

, August 6th, 2008, 5620 143st crestwood


Shirley Quackenbush

, August 11th, 2008, Gladstone Missouri

Robin is looking for her father who worked for IBM in Chicago in the 1960. She was born 42 years ago. She did not know her fathers name until recently because her mother changed her name. If you are related her phone number is Robin Crowther 708-925-9352.


Erik C Quackenbush

, August 11th, 2008, Vancouver Island, BC

I have sent you email with contact information. Call me if you can't retrieve it.


Sandra Quackenbush

, August 14th, 2008, Avon, NY


Todd and Alicia Quackenbush

, August 15th, 2008, Oceanside, CA

Here are a couple more nick names we've heard over the years:
Honkenshrub and Quackenberry


Charles Quackenbush

, August 17th, 2008, St. Paul, Minnesota

Hello i dont know much about the family history and I would like to get to know more of my family i can give a list a my family histroy that i know (not much) and maybe you can give me some insight?


Ralph A. Quackenbush

, August 17th, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA 93108


Ralph A. Quackenbush

, August 17th, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

My father, George A. Quackenbush, born Almonte, Ontario 1894
Died Worcester, Mass, 1945.

Moved to Boston area and served in the USArmy, WWI & became US citizen. Married Leah M. Jones from Haverhill, MA Had 4 children of which I am the one remaining.

Any Almonte relatives out there?


Chris Hart Spartano

, August 18th, 2008,

My father was John F Regis Hart from New Jersey, born 1911, His dad died as a result of the flu epidemic of 1913. His mom remarried a Quackenbush. I use to call her Mother Q. She died when I was 12 but never learned of Father Q. Very mysterious.



, August 24th, 2008, syracuse

hey im a 13 year old girl looking for my dad...dan


dan quackenbush

, August 29th, 2008, riverview, fl

everyone tells me about the quackenbush this and quackenbush that... the great quackenbush bowl, the quackenbush riffle... but i never met another one in person... just nice to see a site like this


Jeffrey Quackenbush

, August 30th, 2008, Burt,MI

My dad is Gene Quackenbush he is a racecar driver. I love working on cars.


Katie Quackenbush

, August 30th, 2008, Burt,MI


Gene Quackenbush

, August 30th, 2008, Burt,MI

I am a racer in MI i am #37 at Dixie Motor Speedway


Lynn Quackenbush

, September 2nd, 2008, Fosters Michigan

I would like to hear from some of you other Quackenbush's
my E-mail is qbuck70@aol.com
send and say hi.


Erik C Quackenbush

, September 8th, 2008, Vancouver Island, BC

This message is off topic but it's my site and I wanted to share this tip. Anyone searching for a way to recalibrate their TRUE Fitness treadmill (this works on a TRUE 500) which is giving them an E2 error code can follow this procedure:
(1)remove safety key
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(6)machine will say "calibration"
(7)press start



, September 8th, 2008, TUCSON ARIZONA



Brian and Caitlin Quackenbush

, September 10th, 2008, Portland, Oregon


Jeffrey Quackenbush

, September 13th, 2008, Burt MI

I have a Quackenbush gun its a rifle if you have any Info on it Email me at jeffquaecw1@yahoo.com.



, September 16th, 2008, riverview fl

(Gloria Waldron Hukle, July 24th, 2008, Averill Park, New York)

i have a copy of this book. and i can get you the info if you would like one.
you can email me a DSQUACKENBUSH@NYC.COM


Harold and Betty Jean (BJ) Quackenbush

, September 19th, 2008, Park Ridge, NJ 07656

Hello, My daughter-in-law, Melissa Quackenbush, sent me your information. I am really enjoying looking it over. My husband's family has been in Park Ridge, NJ over 115 years and before that not too far in Rockland County, NY. To add to your "Business" section, my husband's great grandfather started "Quackenbush Lumber Company" in 1896 and it is still being run today by my husband's brother, Albert Quackenbush. Their great Aunt Almeta Quackenbush Hartmann is still alive and doing fairly well at 108 yrs old. This is so interesting and fun. Thank you for putting this information together. BJQuackenbush


sabrina marie almud quackenbush

, September 25th, 2008, peterborough Ontario


SANDRA L DeMartini

, October 3rd, 2008, Langley, wa

Looking for information on this name. It was my maiden name


SANDRA L DeMartini

, October 3rd, 2008, Langley, wa

Looking for information on this name. It was my maiden name
My fathers name was Robert Benton Quackenbush, Grandfather Mortinmer Benton Quackenbush married Ellie ?. Mortinmer was involved with the FBI and also a painter so the story goes. Lived in the Seattle, WA area.
This has been a very interesting site


Danette Tharcher Edgell

, October 5th, 2008, Nebraska

My Grandmother told me that My grandfather on his death bed told her that his real last name was Quackenbush. THat he had gone a wall from the War and to protect himself he had changed his name to Thatcher.
I can not believe that this last name is a real name, I just Googled it and there it is.


Tom Quackenbush Jr.

, October 7th, 2008, Southern New Jersey

Just a note to say hi and complement the site. I was just looking around google and found the site. I see my aunt and uncle have been on as well. I work for a wholesale bakery and really enjoy what I do. Hope everyone is well and keep the name alive!


Jeffrey Quackenbush

, January 11th, 2009, Burt

Any one with info or how much a Quackenbush gun is contact me at jeffquaecw1@yahoo.com


Philip and Stephanie Quackenbush

, January 16th, 2009, St. Catharines, ON

Hi, my husband tried researching his family members a few years ago, but hit a dead end. I know that he`s somehow related to the Quackenbush hockey player through his Grandfather, John Edward Quackenbush. Maybe we can make a connection in the family somewhere. My husband Phil`s family is from Kitchener, ON.


Stephen Vanpelt Quackenbush IV

, January 17th, 2009, Cape Coral FL, 33991 .....USA

Do you have anything on " Order of the Golden Fleece"


E. Quackenbush

, January 18th, 2009, South Carolina

Does anyone know of any copies of the above geneology book that was put together by Gail Richard Quackenbush in TX??

I have actually seen the book on several ocassions while visiting relatives, but have not been able to find a copy of it.


Jean H Rogersard

, January 19th, 2009, Lindenhurst, New York

My grandmother was Doris Quackenbush and I,ve spent a fair amount of time on the Q genealogy. I believe we are all descendants of Pieter Q who came to what is now NYC and then Albany from Holland in 1653. I\'m a descendant of Hunter Scott Q who was a private in the Tryon Co in the Revolution. My ancestors lived in the Fort Plains, NY area until my great grandfather John Q died. John was a carpenter, wagon maker (I\'m looking a a candlestick table he made a this minute) and had lived in a house on the River Road but had moved to a house in Little Falls before his death. I have a copy of the Quackenbush book from which I can follow my part of the family until 1830. Regards to all my distant cousins.


Ryan Quackenbush

, January 25th, 2009, Portland, OR

Good information


Timothy James Quackenbush

, January 25th, 2009, Farmington, New mexico

Saw your web site, very interesting. Neat to see so many Quackenbush's are out there.


Lancaster Van Quackenbush

, January 26th, 2009, The Moon


What is this site?



Robert A. Quackenbush

, February 3rd, 2009, Clarkesville, GA


Robert F. Quackenbush

, February 4th, 2009, Miamisburg, Ohio

Sorry, late followup to post 490...busy life.
My son returned from Iraq in time for Thanksgiving, 2008...how appropriate!



, February 5th, 2009, HOWE, IN



David M. Robb

, February 6th, 2009, Lacrosse...Wisconsin

Dennis, i have been getting ahold of you for the past 6.yrs. My name is David Robb, we have spoken 6 time's briefly.Each time i was calling to see if you would have time for me to build a gun. A.308 Exile, The last time we spoke you told me to keep an eay out for the month of october for taking new orders.!! Wow i thought i was becoming kind of a phone friend with you. I as a rule wouldnt play the sick guy card however it is time to speak up. It is most probobly my last year on this wonderful earth, i love life dennis, finally, i Love every single day, Air guns are my passion, have been for a long time, and most of all it's somthing i can still do without to much pain. I have had to give up most thing;s i used to do, Dennis i swear i am not trying to sway you in fact forget the gun i know after 6 yrs. i am not going to get a Quackenbush but i want to tell you at 49 yrs. old i have met a lot of people, A lot of buisness people and you were alway's very polite to me even when you were buissy in the shop, you alway's came to the phone, most dont do that, let alone talk to me and explain thing's so i understood why you couldnt make me a gun.!! I have a airforce condor wich is the most powerful .22 ca. on the market, I gust wanted to owen the best Big Bore on the planet and the best .308 on the planet and that is your .308.!! I dont want to sighn off thinking i'll never stand a chance to shoot a Quackinbush so for now i'll gust keep looking at your gun gallery. So you know i am not fussy i would be proud to owen a hand me down or one that is real plain or messed up somhow, one that wase'nt say quite good enough for sale's.!! I would'nt care. I'll pay full and work on it myself, O well i'll quit begging, thank's for your time i know this is the longest e mail i have ever written ever.! But it's 2 am and i cant sleep cause of pain and it help's to wright to a gun friend...Take care of your wife she sounds nice on the phone and any kid's you may have, tell them you Love them everyday as they are precious to you.!! Dave in wisconsin-1-602-774-0168


David M. Robb

, February 6th, 2009, Lacrosse...Wisconsin

Dennis, i have been getting ahold of you for the past 6.yrs. My name is David Robb, we have spoken 6 time's briefly.Each time i was calling to see if you would have time for me, to build a gun. A.308 Exile, The last time we spoke you told me to keep an ear out for the month of october for taking new orders.!! Wow i thought i was becoming kind of a phone friend with you. I as a rule would'nt play the sick guy card, however it is time to speak up. It is most probobly my last year on this wonderful earth, i love life dennis, finally, i Love every single day, Air guns are my passion, have been for a long time, and most of all it's somthing i can still do without to much pain. I have had to give up most thing;s i used to do, Dennis i swear i am not trying to sway you in fact forget the gun i know after 6 yrs. i am not going to get a Quackenbush but i want to tell you at 49 yrs. old i have met a lot of people, A lot of buisness people and you were alway's very polite to me even when you were buissy in the shop, you alway's came to the phone, most dont do that, let alone talk to me and explain thing's so i understood why you couldnt make me a gun.!! I have a airforce condor wich is the most powerful .22 cal. on the market, I gust wanted to owen the best Big Bore on the planet and the best .308 on the planet and that is your .308.!! I dont want to sighn off thinking i'll never stand a chance to shoot a Quackinbush so for now i'll gust keep looking at your gun gallery. So you know i am not fussy i would be proud to owen a hand me down or one that is real plain or messed up somhow, one that wase'nt say quite good enough for sale's.!! I would'nt care. I'll pay full and work on it myself, O well i'll quit begging, thank's for your time i know this is the longest e mail i have ever written ever.! But it's 2 am and i cant sleep cause of pain and it help's to wright to a gun friend...Take care of your wife she sounds nice on the phone and any kid's you may have, tell them you Love them everyday as they are precious to you.!! Dave in wisconsin-1-602-774-0168 wife's name is Dawn.!!


Rhonda Nelson

, February 8th, 2009, Chetek, WI

I am a descendant of Jeremiah W. Quackenbush and Margaret Mull. Their daughter Mariah/Maria Quackenbush married Judah Roberts. They lived and died in New York State. I don't know much about them. Mariah/Maria and Judah's daughter Isabella married Benjamin F. LeValley. They came to WI. Some of Mariah/Maria's family also came to WI. I have researched some of them. It is nice to know there are lots of family out there. This is a great site.


rachel quackenbush

, February 10th, 2009,


Brian P Quakenbush

, February 13th, 2009, Greensboro, NC

Just thought i would put my name out there and see if i have any long lost relitives.


John Quackenbush

, February 27th, 2009, 484 West Park Place Troy,NY 12182-2806

I like to buy a book by Gail Richard Quackenbush, The
Quackenbush Family by the Hennington Publishing Company.

Thanks John


Peter Leslie Quackenbush

, March 3rd, 2009, Rhode Island

With the #s of we QUACKENBUSH's around the country it's still nice to meet people that have never heard the name and say, "Now, that's an interesting name". It is, isn't it!


Jennifer Quackenbush

, March 5th, 2009, Stillwater,New york

I'm very interested in knowing my background, beyond my intimate family.


Jennifer Lee Quackenbush

, March 5th, 2009, Stillwater,New york

I'm very interested in knowing my background, beyond my intimate family.


Phyllis Farmer Flaherty

, March 5th, 2009, Superior, WI 54880

My great grandmother's maiden name was Quackenbush. According to notes left by grandfather, she was born in Niagra Falls, NY. She married Joseph Farmer who was born, Jan. 9, 1851. in England in Buffalo, NY. Marietta was born March 27,1855. Do you have any history on them?
Thank You, Phyllis


Zachary Quackenbush

, March 5th, 2009, La Crosse, WI

I was woundering about more info about the Quackenbush family past. please email me at zachary_quackenbush_1991@hotmail.com



James Spicer

, March 6th, 2009, Celina,Ohio

I saw a 22 caliber pistol. I could not verifie a pistol being made by Quackenbush. It Is stampe Patten for USA and England Feb. 29 1886, and Belbim Mar. 15 1886. I would like any information. Thank You


Kaitlynne Quackenbush

, March 7th, 2009, Springfield, MO (formerly Ocala, FL)


Matthew Quackenbush

, March 7th, 2009, Summerfield, FL

Son of Lawrence Quackenbush, Grandson of Earl Quackenbush. Brother of Kevin Quackenbush (deceased) and Kaitlynne Quackenbush.


angela quackenbush

, March 8th, 2009, west haven ct

i want to know my family


angela quackenbush

, March 8th, 2009, west haven ct

my father name is george quackenbush, his father named james henry quackenbush, his mother named was grace elizabeth shelock, thomas earl, james henry, charles quakenbush, fred, his wife named mary-jean.they had three childern mark, berry, and sherry, they lived in up state ny near lack george, and my crazy aunt ida, and there was aunt grace quackenbush,


Ezra Quackenbush

, March 13th, 2009, Utah

I am a new Quackenbush I am only one year old. But I sure do love to be one of us!!!!


Ezra Quackenbush

, March 13th, 2009, Utah

I am a new Quackenbush I am only one year old. But I sure do love to be one of us!!!!


Nicole Quackenbush

, March 18th, 2009, Amsterdam, NY


Terri (Quackenbush) Hawkins

, March 20th, 2009, Bloomington, Indiana

I am working on the Quackenbush family tree. I have some info but have a couple generations to fill in. Thanks for the help!


Harry Hoglin

, March 24th, 2009, Seattle, WA

I see there are Quackenbush's in Burien...on.y a few miles from my house in West Seattle


Erik C Quackenbush

, March 24th, 2009, Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Hi Harry! I live across the straight on Vancouver Island. (Your humble webmaster).


Shelley Jackson

, March 26th, 2009, Oregon

I have a new phone # 916-276-3703


Jerry Bracken

, April 4th, 2009, Rock Springs, Wyoming

I have this shot air rifle shown in the top picture of yours. It Has Serial number 2398 and Pat.June 6,1876 - July 19,1881, H.M.Quackenbush, Herkimer, N.Y.. I wonder if you knew what it is worth. It is in excellent condition.


Theresa Sylvain

, April 7th, 2009, 447 Main St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4C 4Y1

My Great Great Uncle was Andrew QUACKENBUSH and around 1869 married Almeda Quackenbush(nee VanVolkenburgh)of Havelock, Ontario Canada. She was born about 1841 and lived to be over 100 years old.
Theresa Sylvain,
Great great neice of Andrew & Almeda Quackenbush


Matthias J. Quackenbush

, April 11th, 2009, Albany, NY

I am excited to find this site. My Father's name is Matthew J. Quackenbush Jr., and his father's was (of course) Matthew J. Quackenbush. I was born in Germany to Matthew and Marlene but was raised in Delmar, just to the south of Albany. The Quackenbush House in Quackenbush Square is one of the oldest structures in the city. I am looking forward to a family tree!


Rachel Quackenbush

, April 13th, 2009, Naperville Illinois


QuackenbushBill Quackenbush

, April 13th, 2009, Greenville, SC

Hello, I have a daughter named Lindsey too about your age.


Jenny Quackenbush

, April 15th, 2009, Dobbs Ferry, NY (Fultonville, NY)


Charles K Quackenbush

, April 16th, 2009, Atlanta


Evan Van Heukelom

, April 18th, 2009, Holland Michigan

I found a W.N. Quackenbush bottle on a hike in Holland. I am wondering if anyone knows the history of the bottle. Please email.



Kathy Weeks Bailey

, April 25th, 2009, Oregon

I am related through Ernest Quackenbush from WI/MN GG grandmather Sarah Matchette Quackenbush married into Quackenbush family. I am just starting to get my tree in order with his siblings any help would be cool


Janet Quackenbush

, April 28th, 2009, Woodstock, GA

The piece on the hotel shower heads was exceptional! But do rememember that any shower in the USA rivals those found in Africa. Something about water heated by fire in a barrel isn't easy to forget. No aromatheraphy in that!

When my husband 'THE REAL ERIC QUACKENBUSH' and I were engaged a friend of ours - one Ron Quackenbush - told me that I (the bride) was either crazy or in love. 13 years later we have been unable to satisfactorily answer the question. :) And I have to mention that I did date a Duckwhitz before marrying a Quackenbush.

But seriously here in North Atlanta we did have 2 listings for Eric Quackenbush married to Janet Quackenbush (neither being the same person). What a small world we live in.



Mike Gwozdziewycz

, April 29th, 2009, Honesdale . Pa. 18431

I have several announcements and notes addressed to Andrew
Quackenbush, Florida,N.Y. from the 1870-1890 period. My father in law was an antique dealer in Greeley Pa. through the 1980's. He passed away several years ago, leaving his antiques to the family. I couldn't throw these beautiful history notes away without trying to contact the family...
These items are not for sale, i wish to give them to the Quackenbush family. If anyone is interested please call me at 570 729 7028.


Parker Quackenbush

, May 2nd, 2009, Erin Canada

This website rules


Erik C Quackenbush

, May 3rd, 2009, Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Parker, I'm glad you like the site. One of these days I will clean it up a little bit.


Octavia Quackenbush

, May 4th, 2009, New York, New York

I could not agree more that this website RULES!!! Thanks for all the info!


Lynn Beattie

, May 4th, 2009, Scottsdale

I am looking for descendents of Roy Quackenbush of Chester NY, his son Clayton, I believe , was/is Glendale Az.


Kelly Anne Quackenbush

, May 12th, 2009, New York

Hello, long distance family.


Derek Quackenbush

, May 19th, 2009, Florida



, May 19th, 2009, NEW HAVEN,CONN / ELMIRA,NY



Carol Weatherbee

, May 19th, 2009, NEw Hampshire

What would be the value of this gun. It has a breach break
Barrel is about 12 inches long. Good condition.


Karen (West) Wente

, May 19th, 2009, Colorado

I am a decendent of Elizabeth Quackenbush (Benjamin, Reynier,Pieter) (1702-1749) and Pieter Jacobus (Bouwer) Brewer. If anyone has information on this family & would love to hear from you.

Thanks...Karen Wente (PrarieLady@aol.com)


charles young

, May 22nd, 2009, marshville,nc

I just thought I would add something about Dallas Bible College and know that David would know exactly what I am talking about. So many fun and interesting memories are in my head just thinking about the fun times we had


Tonya Trent (Quackenbush)

, May 23rd, 2009, Greenfield ,Mo

My Dad is Jerry Quackenbush and my Grandpa is Dee Quackenbush I would Love to know were they fit in to the Quackenbush puzzel


Ashley Quackenbush

, May 25th, 2009, ft. walton beach, florida


Daneille lopez - quackenbush

, May 28th, 2009, west chester

danielle lopez here ` showing love for my quackenbush familiy ~


Ronald Quackenbush

, May 31st, 2009, Kemptville Ontario

gg grandson of Peter Quackenbush who came to Grenville County from Fonda NY around 1800.


James Quackenbush

, June 7th, 2009, Chanhassen, MN

Just logging in to th Quackenbush Site. My Great Grandfather was Solin Quackenbush, Spring Valley, MN. Grandfather was Lambert QuackenbushSpring Valley, MN. My Father was Robert Quackenbush, my sons are Austin, Lucas, and Ethan Quackenbush. Daughter Sophia.



, June 10th, 2009, Phila.Pa

Information on the bottom rifle in the picture
age, value
need the pin show on the side of the rifle
Thank You


Martha Sue Lenegar Walden (Quackenbush grandmother)

, June 10th, 2009, St. Louis, MO.

Hello "Q" family. I am still trying to put my geneology together. My grandmother was Ada Nora Quackenbush from New York. Her Father was Adam (Addison) and her Mother was Nora Canary. Ada had about 9 other siblings. Her Mother died young and her Father married another and they had two more twin boys.~ Hope to talk to you soon.~Martie


Adele DeSande

, June 12th, 2009, 11 Harvard Ct Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

I am looking to be included in my family hertiage.
Please contact and would like to receive any new or old books about the Quackenbush family.
201 573 0340
Adele Cara Quackenbush is my maiden name.
Thanks for your help.


Jeffrey Quackenbush

, June 13th, 2009, New York

Are you related to me?


Deborah A Quackenbush

, June 24th, 2009, Newark OH

Just checking out the Quackenbush name. I love it!


Jason Quackenbush

, July 2nd, 2009, Illinois


Stephen Robert Quackenbush

, July 9th, 2009, Albany, New York

Hey hows it going? Just wanted to say a few other names I've heard being called.

Duck in a Shrub

Yea so glad to see there are so many of us and to have found this site today, tought me a lot about my heritage.


David Cochran

, July 10th, 2009, Dennisport, Massachusetts

I have opened a food market on Cape Cod,MA. and would like to feature cooked crabs. I thought that including crackers and picks may help us sell them. I would be looking to buy them by the dozen. Perhaps more later. Thank you, David Cochran


Joan Quackenbush Berchou

, July 11th, 2009, Clarence Center, N.Y.

Are you a Quackenbush? How could we all not be related?


Donald J. Quackenbush

, July 15th, 2009, Janesville, WI

I grew up in Beloit, WI. I am the father of Barry Quackenbush listed on this site. My Dad worked at Fairbanks-Morse as a machinist in beloit. My Grandfather was Harry J. Quackenbush worked at Beloit Iron Works.


Marshall Blum

, July 15th, 2009, Sumneytown, Pa

I have a copy of the subject 880 pg in very good condition (no torn/missing pages with very slight spine wear at bottom edge).
Any interest ?
Please reply with your offer.

Includes a letter to Bernice Quackenbush dated 1990 with some Jacob Quackenbush genealogy info)


Jessica Quackenbush

, July 16th, 2009, Cincinnati OH


John Groenewold

, July 24th, 2009, Mundelein, IL, USA

For information on the airguns and firearms made by H. M. Quackenbush and the Quackenbush company please visit www.jgairguns.biz. There are several articles reproduced there and there is an opportunity to purchase the book "Quackenbush Guns". The book also has 3 old catalogs reproduced in it which cover some of the other products made by H. M. Quackenbush.


Erik C Quackenbush

, July 24th, 2009, Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

John Groenewold is the acknowledged expert on Quackenbush guns.



, July 29th, 2009,



Lori Brockmeyer

, July 31st, 2009, Seattle, WA

I am a relative of Phebe Quackenbush & Henry Carlough. Great website- thanks for putting it up!


Melinda Arnson

, August 6th, 2009, Flint, MI

Wow! Imagine my surprise to search and find this. My Great-Grandmother was a Quackenbush. I must get with my aunt to find all the details, but I remember Grandmother going to Mt. Morris, MI to visit her cousin - trying to remember his first name.....I know it was Quackenbush....

Anyways, I know that our roots have been traced to Pieter Quackenbush because he fought with George Washington in the Revolutionary war. I'm hoping to become a member of the DAR as soon as I can get a few papers in order to join that esteemed group.

If anyone has any information and would like to share notes on Geneaological Quackenbush stuff I sure would be happy to begin a dialogue!


Erik C Quackenbush

, August 6th, 2009, Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Pieter Quackenbosch, the founder of the Quackenbush family in America, was born in Holland circa 1614. He came to the new world in 1653. He was a brickmaker in Albany New York more than 100 years before the American Revolution. He had a grandson named Pieter who died in 1748, twenty eight years before the American Revolution. There were Quackenbushs on both sides of the revolutionary war. Some went to Canada after the war and received grants of land from the Crown. Others stayed in the United States. What kind of documentation do you need for DAR?


Melinda Arnson

, August 6th, 2009, Flint MI

Holy cow! What a great find.
I've been wanting to research family history. Until this very day, I believed there were VERY few Quackenbushes out there in the world, I mean, how common could THAT name be?

All you people- from all over the world who are Quackenbushes must be somehow related. My Great Grandmother, Myrtle Quackenbush lived in Flint area in Michigan. I don't know if she was born here, I intend to find out. She met and married my Great-Grandfather, James(John?) Coyne. My grandmother, Jeanette Coyne was born in 1920 in Flint, MI. Great-Grandfather James Coyne passed on in 1928 when Grandmother Jeanette was only 8 years old. Then Great-Grandmother moved to the middle area of the state and settled around Big Rapids, MI - not yet sure how that happened, but it did - maybe she moved then met Mr. Larsen or maybe met then moved. But anyways I grew up around Big Rapids MI - I knew little of family history. Had heard stories but none of it really, really stuck. Then I met a nice guy and moved to Flint, Michigan (really closer to Flushing and Swartz Creek than Flint) where I started getting interested in geneology. How interesting to find out I've come full circle back to Flint!

It's also interesting to know there are many, many Quackenbushes in this area. I am in hopes of contacting some of them once I get my courage up to call one of them out of the blue......so I'm wondering, if you're in my area of Flint, MI and you wish to become acquainted to share Quackenbush information and make friends, I'd LOVE to get to know my relatives.

My aunt's done a boatload of research, has been in contact with Mr. Gail Richard Quackenbush who wrote the book we can't seem to find now and I'm hoping perhaps I can get copies of some of the stuff she's got. All the info here matches most of what she's told me. How can folks from this area get in touch with each other without putting personal information on this very public page?


Robert Jay Quackenbush

, August 11th, 2009, Boyne City , Michigan 49712



Marion Quackenbush Treichler

, August 11th, 2009, Loveland, Colorado

laughing here. My mother was determined to get into the DAR. Sadly, our branch of the family was one of the ones that went to Canada during the Revolution and she never made it. I am the youngest daughter of E. Clarke Quackenbush, one of the six brothers.


Trevor Eldred

, August 23rd, 2009, Port Huron, MI

Who is the Robert Stewart Quackenbush Jr. (Rear Admiral - US Navy) buried in Arlington National Cemetery? Maybe he should be on the "Fame and Fortune" page too.


- A Distant Quackenbush Relative


Marilyn Quackenbush Parker

, August 25th, 2009, Victoria British Columbia


Marilyn Quackenbush Parker

, August 25th, 2009, Victoria, British Columbia

gg granddaughter of Peter Quackenbush who came to Grenville County from Fonda NY around 1800


Carl Helmers

, August 30th, 2009, Monroe county, New York (present location)

My maternal grandmother's name was Lura Quackenbush Anderson, of Springfield NJ. Her brother, my great uncle, was E. Schuyler Quackenbush, an engineer living and working in New York City most of his life after graduating from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken NJ in the early years of the 20th century. Enough for now... I have before me Arthur D Quakenbush's 1980 hardbound 171 page private publication "Quackenbush and Related Families" and other family memorobilia.

Carl Helmers, www.helmers.com, carl@helmers.com


Peter Quackenbush

, August 30th, 2009, Havre de Grace, Maryland


Mgbada Maga

, August 31st, 2009, UK

Thanks for the many magas in the site.


Kathleen Quackenbush

, September 5th, 2009, Miami, Florida

Hello to all the Quackenbush's. It has been interesting reading everyones comments and the history of their ancestors. I would like to find out more information about my family tree. My fathers name is Clayton Leroy Quackenbush. He was born in Decatur, Illinois on June 25, 1934 to Dr. Leroy Quackenbush and Lois Peeler. If anyone has some information about my family tree, please let me know. My email is onesongbird@bellsouth.net.
I've been called quackertree, quackerbox


Kathleen Quackenbush

, September 5th, 2009, Miami, Florida

If you go to ellisisland.org, you may find ancestors listed on the immigration registry. I have a brother who lives in Loveland, Colorado. His name is Clayton (Roy) Quackenbush. Also, for the person who lives in Elmira, NY. There used to be a church on a hill with a sign in front that said Quackenbush Hill. Does anyone know the history behind Quackenbush Hill?


Mr. Douglas Green

, September 18th, 2009, United Kingdom

From: Mr. Douglas Green
The Manager Accounting and Operations Unit,
HSBC Private Bank ( UK ) Limited, United Kingdom.

Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Douglas Green, The Manager of Accounting and Operations Unit, (HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limited).Am contacting you through this medium for an urgent beneficial transaction. I have the opportunity of transferring Four Million Two Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling from an account that belongs to one of our customer’s who died long ago in heart related disease. Nobody has come for the funds as the deceased was residing permanently here in the United Kingdom . The bank will be transferring the funds Into the Bank treasury as an unclaimed fund by the end of this year as stipulated by the banking law over such account that lingers dormant for more than five years. I want to hearing from you so that I can file an application of claim in your name with the in formations of the deceased and the account as the benefited beneficiary of the account. Please this is supposed to take us only few bank working days to conclude on the transfer for I have put everything in place before contacting you and there is no risk.

Thanks yours sincerely,
Mr. Douglas Green.


Debbie Butterfield

, September 23rd, 2009, Oklahoma


Blaine Quackenbush

, September 23rd, 2009, Chicago, IL


John Quackenbush

, September 24th, 2009, mass.

Im so suprised to find out about my last name this is so cool and i want to learn more.


Robin Quackenbush

, October 2nd, 2009,

Hi still looking for a Robert Q who has a42 year old daughter please contact with any info 708 2483439


Pamela Osborn

, October 4th, 2009, Kingsford,Mi

My Gr. Grandmother : Susan Quakenbush
my Gr Grandfather - Edwin Gwin
Gr.gr Grandmother Martha Riggels
Gr. Gr. Grandfather -David J. Gwin

AmLooking to contact any and all relatives



, October 6th, 2009, Cedar, MN


Charles H. Winzenread

, October 12th, 2009, Greensburg, Indiana

I am seeking any Information on Mark Quackenbush. He served in the US Marine Corps from 1926 thru 1955 on and off for approx 21 years. He died in california in 1983. He had two kids, Teddy and Deborah. He was my mother's nephew.


Charles H. Winzenread

, October 12th, 2009, Greensburg, Indiana

I am seeking any Information on Mark Quackenbush. He served in the US Marine Corps from 1926 thru 1955 on and off for approx 21 years. He died in california in 1983. He had two kids, Teddy and Deborah. He was my mother's nephew.



, October 13th, 2009,

Quackenbushes SUCK. They deserve to be born with a f*ed up name. They are ALL alike. Selfish, idiots, abusers, drunks.


Erik Quackenbush

, October 14th, 2009, Duncan, BC

Thank you for your well reasoned comments and for visiting the site! Have a great day.


alvin dean quackenbush

, October 15th, 2009, new york

there is the book how do i get copy of all books made for our last name and ancesty


Megan Quackenbush

, October 29th, 2009, Vinton, VA


Brian M. Quackenbush Sr.

, November 1st, 2009, El Mirage, Arizona


Craig Paul Quackenbush

, November 6th, 2009, Lake Forest, IL

Great to see your post from August. Erik, my son, is doing a great job with this site.
We just met up in California to celebrate Ivan's (last of the six brothers) 91st birthday.
All is well with him and mom.
Best regards!


Lee Sayer

, November 13th, 2009, USA


James Hollister

, November 16th, 2009, imjah1122@gmail.com

My wife's mother is a Quackenbush. Upon clearing out items from her New England home, 2 weddjng blankets were found, nicely preserved and quite wonderful. and woven with large pineapples in the center and boarderd with lovely designs. The bride and groom have their own blanket, noted by their names, dob and wedding dates embroidered in the corner. Dark navy blue with cream designs. Yes, the names are spelled differently than the family's "en" with "in" jnstead. Anyone interested in purchasing can email for a picture. These are heavy weaves and quite large. Not yet appraised, but we think their condition, age and quality of construction should be reflect quite favorably ed in the appraised value. We thought we would advise this forum before offered to the open market.


James Hollister

, November 16th, 2009, imjah1122@gmail.com

My wife's mother is a Quackenbush. Upon clearing out items from her New England home, 2 weddjng blankets were found (mid 19th century), nicely preserved and quite wonderful. and woven with large pineapples in the center and boarderd with lovely designs. The bride and groom have their own blanket, noted by their names, dob and wedding dates embroidered in the corner. Dark navy blue with cream designs. Yes, the names are spelled differently than the family's "en" with "in" jnstead. Anyone interested in purchasing can email for a picture. These are heavy weaves and quite large. Not yet appraised, but we think their condition, age and quality of construction should be reflect quite favorably ed in the appraised value. We thought we would advise this forum before offered to the open market.


Lee Sayer

, November 19th, 2009, USA

Greetings to all Quackenbush's : My niece Nancy married Lynn Quackenbush in 1954. They had 4 children and all live in Michigan.I knew Lynn's mother and father both were really nice people. Any Quackenbush's that I have known were always caring and giving people.God bless all. Lee Sayer


Mindy Robinson

, November 26th, 2009, Goldsboro, NC

My grandfather came to NC many years ago (he passed away when I was just 6 months old) and his last name was Robinson, but his mother always told him that his real father was a Dr. Quackenbush in New York State. I\'ve always wanted to find out if this was true and about my true ancestry, but I\'ve never been sure how to start. I\'m glad to have found this website!


mark blades

, December 10th, 2009, st marys south sydney australia

ive just been given one it was my grandfathers when he past away it was past on to me i use to use it when i was a boy always loved it it is dated 1871 the nickle is worn of it in places and still shoots ok the local gun smith told me its in very good oreder and is worth to sell very easey for $1,000 australian mmm if im going to sell it bugger lol


Deborah (Quackenbush) Mero

, December 11th, 2009, South Carolina


Lloyd Goedschalk

, December 14th, 2009, Paramaribo

Nick, this is Lloyd from Paramaribo. Need to contact you about several issues;my son starts his study in the U.S. -florida. I might be there in Jan 2010. Can you provide your e-mail address so that we can keep in-touch.
would like to here from you ...


Donald J. Quackenbush

, December 19th, 2009, Beloit-Janesville, Wisconsin


kevin quackenbush

, December 21st, 2009, lynnville, indiana


Nancy Quackenbush

, December 28th, 2009, St. Louis, MO

Miss you-hope you are well-love, Nancy, 3rd daughter of A. Joseph and Margaret (Davey) Quackenbush! Love!


mark blades

, December 29th, 2009, sydney australia

can the quackenbush family through the buesinness help me trace the history of this rifle its been in the family since my grandfather brought it he died back in 1970 then my dad had it and now ive got it my grand father was a sailor [merchant] he evan went to turky dueing the first ww1 im also thinking of selling it to ? i would like it to go back where it came from to the quackenbushfamily company


Sandra Lee Summers

, January 1st, 2010, colorado

my grandfathers name was Vern Quackenbush, my mothers name was Kathleen Sue Quackenbush. Both my mom and grandfather was from MO. I dont know the name of my great grandfather except his last name was quackenbush and he was from New York. I would appriate any info you may have on my family.


Jill Dungey

, January 2nd, 2010, Marcellus, NY


I'm looking for information on Edith Quackenbush who was most likely born somewhere around the 1930's and lived in the Rochester, NY area. If you know of such a person, I can be contacted at jjourney@twcny.rr.com.

This is a wonderful site!


Nicole Quackenbush

, January 3rd, 2010, Westmoreland, NY


Judith Faith

, January 4th, 2010, Albany, NY

I'm wondering if there is a Tim Quackenbush who lived in Albany, NY in the 70's and before that maybe near Hunter, NY or Woodstock, NY??? He also worked for DCJS in the 80's. Anyone out there that matches this description??


Judith Faith

, January 4th, 2010, Albany, NY

I'm wondering if there is a Tim Quackenbush who lived in Albany, NY in the 70's and before that maybe near Hunter, NY or Woodstock, NY??? He also worked for DCJS in the 80's. Anyone out there that matches this description??
I would also like to add Tim Quackenbbush would be in his late 50's in age.


Sheila Marie Quackenbush

, January 5th, 2010, Riverside Co, Cal.


Andrew David Quackenbush

, January 5th, 2010, Lindsay, Ontario


Edward P. Quackenbush

, January 8th, 2010, Greenpoint Brooklyn NY 11222

Hi all I'm trying to find out any information about
the Greenpoint Brroklyn Quackenbush's.My Grandfather
was Reuben Quackenbush and he had seven or eight brothers
and sisters who no one seems to have any information about.
Any info would be appreciated. Also My Grandfather had
seven children and any information on my cousins would also be appreciated.


Lorraine Herbert

, January 10th, 2010, Akron, Oh.

I have a Quackenbush drawing, from my late Mother\'s Gallery that she owned in Ghent,Oh.Wanted to find some history on it.


Richard Quackenbush

, January 16th, 2010, Oregon City OR USA


Mary Quackenbos

, January 19th, 2010, PA


Lynn Quackenbush

, January 24th, 2010, Fosters michigan

With all of the Quackenbush's on this list,
you would think there would be more e-mail address's,
so we could make contact with each other.
mine is qbuck70@aol.com
feel free to contact at anytime.


Erik C. Quackenbush

, January 24th, 2010, Duncan, BC CANADA

Posting your email address on a public forum is an excellent way to receive large quantities of spam.


Jack W Quackenbush sr.

, January 28th, 2010, Liverpool, ny


Jack W Quackenbush sr.

, January 28th, 2010, Liverpool, ny

Looking for my Daughter, Cathy Lee Born 7/28/1958 in Albany,ny


Charles Philip Quackenbush

, February 1st, 2010, Tucson, AZ. USA

Please send if possible a record of my line in the Quackenbush family tree. Thank you and



, February 3rd, 2010, SALLISAW, OK




David L. Quackenbush

, February 7th, 2010, Tucson Arizona


Samantha Quackenbush

, February 8th, 2010,

this is very intresting i am looking for information on my family i want to learn more about the quackenbush historyand my harritige.


Cynthia Johnston

, February 10th, 2010, Gansevoort, N. Y.

My mother was a Quackenbush. Her name was Olive Quackenbush. She was the daughter of Alfred Quackenbush,who was the son of Simon who was the son of Christopher and so on. While my sisters and I were doing research in Fonda, we came across some papers about a Peter Quackenbush who died of illness in an army hospital during the Civil War. His wife was paid a bounty for his service. Is this your grandfather? do you know the rest of your family tree? Sincerely, Cynthia Johnston


Robert G. Quackenbush

, February 12th, 2010, Honolulu, HI.

Born 17 Mar, 1931 in Machanicville NY. Retired after 22 years in the military. Veteran of Korean and Viet Nam War. Married To Sakae Mizue. Son of Mr and Mrs George Alfred Quackenbush of Schaghticoke,NY.


Erika Quackenbush

, February 13th, 2010, VERMONT

Hey! WOW this is so cool! I love my last name!

~Quackers/Duckinshrub... :)


Suzy Quackenbush

, February 14th, 2010, New York, NY


Karen Green

, February 18th, 2010, cooperstown


Andrew J. Quackenbush

, February 20th, 2010, Dundee, Michigan


Jackie Quackenbush

, February 27th, 2010, Aiken, SC

Just browsing


Jon Quackenbush

, February 28th, 2010, Waterloo Iowa


Sandra Quackenbush

, March 5th, 2010, Avon, NY (Mumford NY)


Heather Havens

, March 7th, 2010, swink colo

i love the quackenbush family


Lynn Quackenbush Vesey

, March 8th, 2010, Massachusetts


So nice to find all of my "relatives" on this website! Love the historical information on this page. I thought we were the only Quackenbush family in Massachusetts, I had no idea there were so many others outside my state. Wow!


Andrea Seltz

, March 15th, 2010, Arkansas

I am working on my family history and came upon this site. My husbands mother is a Quackenbush and I was wondering if she is related to this line some way. Her father was Clayton LeRoy Quackenbush Jr. Please let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.


Stacy Quackenbush

, March 17th, 2010, Port st. Lucie, Fl.


mark blades

, March 20th, 2010, sydney australia

well i gave the quakenbush family every chance in buying back a piece of your history the rifle is now in a gun shop and is on line to view and to buy the email and web site are www.thegunsmiths.com.au and thegunsmiths@optushome.com.au barry is the contact their please let me know what you think about it ? all the best for now mark blades


jeff Quackenbush

, March 20th, 2010, peterborough .ontario,canada

learned some interest facts about the family name here ty


Scott Quackenbush

, March 22nd, 2010, Nashua NH

Q as in queen, U as in umbrella, A as in animal, C as in chicken, K as in kid, E as in elepahant, N as in Nancy, B as in boy, U as in umbrella, S as in Sam, H as in Henry.

I can usually determine the intellect on people when I try to spell it for them over the telephone.


Kelly Hoover

, March 24th, 2010, Hartly DE

Just trying to fuse my line, Found a detailed History in my mothers attic. I am the 12th generation from Pieter Quackenbosch. My line stems from his son Adriaan Quackenosch, then Adriaan Jr. from Albany. Then his son Jacob Quackenbush, a private in the revolutionary war 1st reg. mormouth co. Jacob was the first in his line to assume this spelling (Quackenbush). His son William Quackenbush. And so on till my line. I have most of it if anyone is interested.


Wayne Quackenbush

, March 25th, 2010, SODUS POINT NEW YORK

hello, was just looking for the name, no one else but my grandfather has this name in my family, and he has passed away. just looking for some ansers.


Leon Hurlbert

, March 30th, 2010, Forsyth, Montana

I am a descendant of Reuben W. Quackenbush and I am looking for information on His family History to help complete my family's. If any of our descendants can help I would appreciate the information.


Lorraine Bloeth Valerino

, April 1st, 2010, Lakeland, FL

I'm researching my "roots" and my natural maternal grandmother was Irene Quackenbush Ressico who died at age 39 near Oneonta, NY (circa 1951) ... My mother was Elizabeth Joan Ressico Bloeth. Would like to see what connections to Quackenbush and the Oneonta area in the 1930s there might be ... My uncle was Marvin Ressico and another of their siblings was Marilyn Ressico. Their father was part of the Normandy Invasion and was killed shortly after D-Day.


Dieter Quitmann

, April 2nd, 2010, Berlin, Germany


I am a private family researcher trying to find descendants of Peter Quackenbosh and Frederica Quitmann, married 1807, because Frederica came from our (German) Quitmann-family.
Any reaction will be welcome!

Dieter Quitmann
2nd April 2010


Tracey Quackenbush

, April 2nd, 2010, London Ontario

Hi everyone,wouldn't it be great to have one big family reunion,take care be safe



, April 2nd, 2010, Rhode Island

Hello, I saw that you have a photo of an Edward Quakenbush that was born in Canada. I am currently searching for my anscestor, Lovinia or Lovina Quackenbush. All I know is that she was born in Canada. Do you have sibling names for Edward or his parents?
Thanks so much.


Robin Q

, April 3rd, 2010, IL

I finally found my dad Robert W Quackenbush now wagner I have familyyyyyy yessssss


Kate Quackenbush King

, April 4th, 2010, Ann Arbor, MI

Hello, the Quackenbush's of Ann Arbor, MI go back to my great Grandfather who came from Albany, New York. My brother told me about this website.


Bart Walsh

, April 14th, 2010, Pensacola, FL

I have been researching, Quackenbush and Robertson Family members from NY state.



, April 20th, 2010, 182 richard st west haven ct


Amanda Burns

, April 21st, 2010, Middleport, NY

Hello, My name is Amanda Burns. I'm actually a Quackenbush, my mother's maiden name is Tammy Quackenbush... I was just wondering if you knew any Quackenbushs' from NY. My grandfather recently pasted away his name was Robert D. Quacenbush he was born july 9, 1933 and his father's name was Maxwell Quackenbush. If you know anything about our heritage please email me at, Shortcakesxx@yahoo.com thanks!


Randy Grolemund

, April 26th, 2010, Webster, NY

Hi, I am in search of the screw-type nutcrackers. I believe they are the most practical and functional nutcracker ever made!






Joanna Rae Quackenbush

, April 29th, 2010, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Formerly Sioux City, Iowa)

Bernice is my biological mother. I understand I had 7 brothers and sisters born after me (1949)and one died in a drowning accident at age 12. I was given up for adoption at birth by Bernice, who I believe lives/lived in eastern Iowa (Vinton?). Through research I have discoverd her name and am interested in getting more information about my family. I hope to hear back from someone. Thanks so much.


Rick Provenzano

, May 3rd, 2010, Royal Palm Beach, Fl


Keith Quackenbush

, May 3rd, 2010, Milton

Keith Scott Quackenbush, born 08/05/1961. He had 3 children.
Keith Scott Quackenbush II (born 5/28/1987)
Ryker Derek Quackenbush (born 01/30/1992)
Alexandra Rose Quackenbush (born 3/26/1993)

The mother Renee Allen Quackenbush committed suicide on April 30 1995.


Patricia Quackenbush

, May 4th, 2010, virginia


Allison R.

, May 11th, 2010,

Email me somr time!!!!
You silly gooes cousin,


Diane Quackenbush Douglas

, May 11th, 2010, 9 Crane Lake Dr. Linden Mi 58451

I grew up in Fosters Michigan, where my father's family has had land since the 1800's. We can trace our family history back to New York and to Holland to the 1600's, My Great, great grandfather, Jesse Quackenbush was a young man when he came with his mother and brothers from New York to Ann Arbor. He moved to Saginaw during the lumber era, and became Sheriff of Saginaw Co.



, May 11th, 2010, New Jersey


Sharon Bowles

, May 14th, 2010, Severance, CO

I am from a random, lost branch of the Quakenbush family. Your site has some fun info on it - even though we are probably 18th cousins, 4 times removed! Thanks for putting it online for the rest of us.



, May 16th, 2010, Florida

Looking for a Joan Quackenbush who lived at 121 S Jackson in Glendale, California in 1972. Joan knew my grandfather, Walter Witham, and may have a video taken with Walter in the background sitting on Joan\'s front porch.



Jennifer Anne Quackenbush DerGarabedian

, May 18th, 2010, Sammamish, Washington


John "Jack" Quackenbush

, May 18th, 2010, The Woodlands, Texas

I am fortunate enough to own a copy of "The Quackenbush Family in America." I spoke with Gail Quackenbush on the phone about some of the details of my family. He evidently attended the Family Reunion in New York in the 60's - did not meet him there. Last I heard he moved moved to Florida, that was several years ago. Reportedly he has decided not to reprint the book. My family are NY and NJ up to my generation - then we scattered. Would like to hear from others.


jesse quackenbush

, May 23rd, 2010, fl born saratoga springsa ny


Karl Quackenbush

, May 24th, 2010, Hpt. Va. U.S.A.



Thomas Lewis

, May 24th, 2010, Stanwood Wa.

I have found some pictures taken in 1966. They were mixed with information about a James Quackenbush from Seattle Wa.
There is a rubber stamp included with Quackenbush and Carroll Co. on it. I would like to return the pictures.


April Quackenbush

, June 3rd, 2010, Colorado

Live near Rocky Mountains, Always get made fun of for my last name, But now I know what it truely means thanx!!!!!


Marshall Riggan

, June 14th, 2010, Hot Springs, Ar.

When I was a child we lived inwhat was known locally as "The Quackenbush House." It was in the Signal Hill area of East St. Louis, Illinois. A large, lovely Dutch Colonial.It was our family home from about !937 until the 1960s. Would love to have more on the house's early history. Thanks.


Jerry Kime

, June 17th, 2010, Grants Pass, Oregon


Ted Quackenbush

, June 17th, 2010, Sherwood Oregon

To 735. My father is Mark Quackenbush who did serve in the Marine Corps from 1926 to 1955.


Gerard M Devine

, June 21st, 2010, Lumberton, NC

I have a copy of Lieutenant George W Quackenbush's commission to the 133rd NYSV regiment, the Metropolitan Guards from New York City, dated 1862. He was my great grandfather. After the War he became a New York City fireman with the rank of Engineer, which would today be a Captain. I am descended from him through my grandmother, his daughter, Caroline. I believe that she had a brother, James, but may be mistaken.
I am interested in tracing the family back further. I would appreciate any assistance or guidance, as I am brand new to researching geneology.


Tracy L Clarke ( born Quackenbush)

, June 23rd, 2010, Acton, Ontario

was just curious about other Quackenbush's out there we don't have much contact with our heritage.


Tracy Clarke ( Born Quackenbush)

, June 23rd, 2010, Acton, Ontario

Grandfather's Name : Lorne Quackenbush married Nancy(Ann Binx McClaine)had several children James,Lorne,Edna, Vera, Verna, Bill. I know they lived in Toronto all my dad's life were the Q-J Construction in Toronto Ontario. Never heard them speak of my great grandparents would love to trace this and find out more!



, June 26th, 2010, peterborough



Marian Quackenbush Dawson

, June 29th, 2010, 5090 Western Turnpike Altamont New York 12009

Hi, I would like to purchase one of these books if possible?!? A few exist in our family, but I would like a copy of my own! I was at a recent gathering of my husband\'s family and our niecehas been working on the geneology on the Dawson side.After I gave her all of our birth dates;I asked to see her long list of ancestors. It went back twelve generations and much to my surprise, all I kept saying was \"Oh My GOD!!!\"!!! PIETER QUACKENBOSCH was their first ancester to come to AMERICA too! I wrote down the information from the first couple of lines so I could verify it Mon.When I could call my brother or my cousin to look up the info for me and sure enough, same, same!!!My cousin gave me your name and here I am;not sure what else to do.It is interesting going on ine and finding things though. I clicked on a Robert Q.-a well known Author and Illustrator of children\'s books;His AUNT FIVE GENERATIONS back WYN QUACKENBUSH MABIE served as a messenger for General Washington during America\'s Revolutionary War! What is most interesting besides a part of history is WYN QUACKENBUSH (MABIE) MAY BE THe connection to the DAWSON Family


Erik Quackenbush

, June 29th, 2010, Vancouver Island, CANADA

Marion, the book is currently out of print. I do not know anyone who has extra copies. I believe the original copyright holder has passed away. It would be nice to have it searchable PDF format but nobody has volunteered yet!

-Erik Q (site moderator)


Marilyn Peterson Marcroft

, July 1st, 2010, El Dorado Hills , CA 95762

This was my grandfather. He was born about 1862, I think in Michigan. He moved to Oklahome, lived in Cushing, Mounds, and Tulsa where he died in 1916. He was a carpenter. He had several brothers and sisters.



, July 1st, 2010, California

Charles Ross Quackenbush, born about 1862, possibly in Michigan. Moved to Oklahoma, Mounds, Cushing and Tulsa where he died in 1916. He was my grandfather and would like to find out about his family.


bill eaton

, July 10th, 2010, west haven ct

my mother karen sayer (snyder) eaton rembers going to your famlies reunion in the mid 40s.she went there with her grandfather percy leary. as my mother was very young at the time she does not rember what the family connection to her grandfather was. any and all help would be much appreicated. thank you bill eaton


Linda mickus

, July 12th, 2010, Broadalbin NY

Trying to look up my ancestry...great grandmother was Francis Quackenbush. Married to Chester Dostie. Believe she was born sometime around 1860, had 12 children.


Jannet Quackenbuhs-King

, July 16th, 2010, Jacksonville, NC

Grand-daughter of Harold and Madeline Quackenbush of Wickatunk, New Jersey.

Daughter of Robert Quackenbush of Chuluota, Florida.


William Carl Quackenbush

, July 20th, 2010, Keizer, Oregon

Doing research about the family and ran across your site. Great job!


William Carl Quackenbush

, July 20th, 2010, Keizer, Oregon

Doing research about the family and ran across your site. Great job!



, July 23rd, 2010, asdf



mitcheal delvalle

, July 24th, 2010, Fayetteville NC

how do I visit the property


Jo-Anne (Wheeler) Richards

, August 12th, 2010, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

I've recently discovered that Peter was my 9th great grandfather. This journey back through the centuries is amazing


Justice Quackenbush

, August 18th, 2010, Greenville, SC

what is the code of arms for most Quackenbush familys in North amarica


Amy Brock

, August 18th, 2010, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Hello everyone,

My grandmother is Annie "Arlene" Carr (nee Weatherup) b.1930. Her mother is Beatrice Melissa Quackenbush. The daughter of Samuel Gilford Quackenbush b.1869 d.1949 and Matilda Jane Henderson b.1876 d.1968. I have researched my Quackenbush ancestors back as far as Jan Quackenbush b.1565 in Holland. He passed on sometime bet 1594-1656. I'm always looking to find out more information. It's nice to find so many Quackenbush descendants in one spot.

Take care everyone,


Amy Brock

, August 18th, 2010, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Another good book to read on the Quackenbush family is titled "The Quackenbush Family in Holland and America"...published in 1909. You can read it online. Here's the link.




Erik Quackenbush

, August 18th, 2010, Vancouver Island, CANADA

Thank you for the link Amy Brock! Is there any way to get this in PDF or some other non-proprietary format? I would love to do an OCR so that we could search the text but the proprietary archive.org reader makes this difficult.


Brian Quakenbush

, August 18th, 2010, Greensboro, NC USA

I think it is spelled both ways. Quackenbush and Quakenbush but it is pronounced different.


Larry Dean Quackenbush

, August 20th, 2010, Springfield, MO USA


Christopher Fitzgerald Quackenbush

, August 23rd, 2010, Yoder, In


Carrie Quackenbush

, August 26th, 2010, Livonia, MI

I'm 30 years old. I'm named after my great great grandmother, Carrie Melissa Quackenbush. My grandma and grandpa are Irene and John (Jack) Quackenbush. My Dad is also named John Quackenbush Jr.


Jonathan Picking Sgt. U S Army

, August 30th, 2010, Rome Georgia

I just found out I was born Billy Jo Quackenbush born in Anderson SC. 1973 in May. I was adopted at age 5 my now mom and dad. just found out all this any help on my gene pool. I just want to know my real mother and father find out our medical histroy any information would be nice.

Thank you

Jonathan Picking


Erik Quackenbush

, August 30th, 2010, Vancouver Island, CANADA

Mr. Picking, do you know the full names of your birth parents?


Cody P. Quackenbush

, September 6th, 2010, Lubbock, Texas

What can you say? There\'s SO many more Quackenbush\'s in the United States alone than I thought could possibly exist in the world. It\'s funny reading the name\'s bio, and seeing people comment about experiences that happen to them that happen to me in almost the same manner.

Nickname I\'ve been called alot in High School: Bushquacken along with Quack or Quacky.

Nice to see all of the names.


SuAnne Quackenbush

, September 11th, 2010, Byron NY


D. A. Lopez

, September 14th, 2010, Los Angeles California USA

My grandmother is an illegitimate child of a union between her father and a Quackenbush in Northern Mexio around the turn of the century. More precisely, this occurred around the town of Ures in the state of Sonora. Any information about Quackenbushs' in this area at that time would be appreciated, even if it is very general (i.e., Dutch or Germans in that part of the country at the turn of the century). Thank You.


D. A. Lopez

, September 14th, 2010, Los Angeles California USA

*union between her mother . . .


chearles quackenbush

, September 16th, 2010, prospect ct


wendy declue

, September 18th, 2010, searcy ark

im looking for a girl with the same name as you . we were friends when we were little , like 6. her dads name was gary and she lived in homegardens calif. If u are her please write me back or contact on facebook.


Simon Ferner

, September 19th, 2010, Stockholm

I want to know if there is anyone out there who has some information about a woman called Nancy Quackenbush from Hudson, Ohio. I found this book om a fleamarket i Sweden that once belong to her. I am very interested in this so i would be very happy if anyone has some information. My email is simon.ferner@hotmail.com


bill quackenbush jr.

, September 25th, 2010, sarnia,ontario,canada


Kevin Quackenbush

, September 26th, 2010, Hemet Caifornia

Ive been called a ducks pussy... Good friends are retards....


matthew quackenbush

, October 1st, 2010, Albany

The Quackenbush family were original settlers in the Albany area in the early 1700's and many branches remain there now. There are books about the family in the New York State museum library in Albany


Megan Quackenbush

, October 5th, 2010, Vinton, VA


Todd Quackenbush

, October 9th, 2010, Ringoes, NJ

Very pleased to see so many of our distant family
in one place. Also pleased to see my dad, Bill Quackenbush of the Bruins & Red Wings, under the \\\"Fame and Fortune\\\" heading. The hockey talent did not make it to the next generation!



, October 9th, 2010,



Susan Quackenbush Flanagan

, October 11th, 2010, Mayville, ND


Michael Dylan Lopez

, October 15th, 2010, West Chester Pa

My mother is Sue A Quackenbush. my mothers family has always been proud of our family history. my grandfather george M Quackenbush loved our history behind the family. my direct line of ancestors all served in the military and now im currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. i will always remember where i came from and will never let the family name down.


Jennifer Coosard

, October 15th, 2010, Maine/Saginaw,Michigan

I have enjoyed visiting your site and found it very informative. I wonder if you have ever heard from possible cousins?? My name is Jennifer Holloway, maiden name is Jennifer Coosard. I am the grand-daughter to Amy Quackenbush (1900-1973) and she was from Saginaw,MI. I now live in Maine. I had also traced her line back to Pieter Quackenbush/Quackenbosch. It's been a while since I have done genealogy, but I'm wanting to get back into it. I would be interesting what information we both have on the Quackenbushes and how we may very well be related.
Feel free to contact me at the email above!
Jennifer L. Holloway (Coosard)


Barbara Eyre

, October 15th, 2010, North Carolina


Great website!
I am related via my paternal grandmother whose maiden name is Wood. Going from her backwards:
Silas LeRoy Wood - Silas Heman Wood - Peter Henry Wood - David I Wood - John Wood - Uriah Wood and Magdelana Quackenbush

Since you have access to extensive Quackenbush genealogy, do you happen to have further information on Uriah Wood? Some records have him born in 1725 in Schenectady, New York and others have him born in England, but location unknown. None of us can seem to go backwards from Uriah to the Wood English roots.

Great to see another Chicagoland native. I was born and raised in Des Plaines. =)

I still have yet to add my Quackenbush information, but feel free to visit my genealogy site at: www.eyre-genealogy.com


Kevin Michael Quackenbush

, November 11th, 2010, Monroe, WA

Hey, im a Kevin Michael Quackenbush and i live in Monroe, WA.


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, November 19th, 2010, alert(\'Fix the security!\')

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Bill Quackenbush

, November 21st, 2010, Greenville

Just wanted to check out the site.


Judy Lynne Quackenbush-Bender

, November 29th, 2010, Chicago, IL


Helen (Pinkie) Quackenbush

, November 30th, 2010, Long Island, New York


Eric Smith

, December 3rd, 2010, Blue Eye, Missouri

I have one of the .22 Cal Breachloaders pictured on the front page of this site. The bottom rifle in the picture. Patent date is 1871.



, December 5th, 2010, Sarnia Ontario Canada

Just thought I would say HEY, I'm a "Quack" too...
My website is www.lightitforeveryone.ca
I have 3 little Ducklings and Quacky wife :)


Mark Shubel

, December 6th, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia USA

I have one of the 22 cal rifles that still fires but the stock is missing, can I buy one anywhere??


Dalton Quackenbush

, December 7th, 2010, Mason, Ohio


Andrew Quackenbush

, December 18th, 2010, Henrietta NY

Well i be living at RIT sir. Life here is good and i like quackin around. THe usual. the end.... SIKEEEEEE i still be talkin cause im hard of hearin . i drink Corona all day everyday!! meow mix that shit. i make like a duck and suck my rubber duck so fuck you buck... and be kissed by a hooker, it'll be fine though cause theres mad confetti!!!!! DONT MESS WITH QUACKENBUSH!!!!!!!!!! im quackin out bizzzznetch mang!! what the hell are you guys doin. i prefer to have a whole beer ma'am. thank you


Marian Helen (Quackenbush) Ross

, December 27th, 2010, California

For your Fame and Fortune section, you may want to include the following:

In the musical "The Music Man" the barbershop quartet sings to Lyda Rose Quackenbush. The song "Lyda Rose" was written by Meredith Willson and includes the name of his favorite aunt Lyda and his mother Rose.

Best wishes, Marian


Rose (Murphy) Quackenbush granddaughter

, January 5th, 2011, Born in Minnisota

Im just amazed looking at the old photo's of how much some members of this last generation resemble our ancestors. It wou


Ida Quackenbush Nystrom

, January 7th, 2011, Holden MA

I grew up in upstate NY, where Quackenbush is a common name.


James Bruce Quackenbush

, January 7th, 2011, 19 Overlook Ave Wilmington DE 19808

This my first look My dad and the 7 brothers but together a book of our family. I am so greatfull for that. Hope that others will take the time to make a note of your childhood. Some thing that most adults do not shair thith there children.


Mary Agnes O'Connor Fries

, January 10th, 2011, Rogersville,Tennessee

Marilyn please contact me if you went to St.Clement Pope School.I lived on 142nd.street.Remenber when you and I used to listen to Hank Williams records. I went to Woodrow Wilson Vocational High School after for 2 years.My phone # is 423-754-8407 or 423-272-5432 and my address is 114 New Life Rd., Rogersville,Tennessee 37857. PLEASE send me your address, I love to go down memory lane and speak with my best friend again. sincerely Mary Agnes O'Connor


Eric Quackenbush

, January 10th, 2011, Canton, GA

Hi - I'm the 'other' Eric Quackenbush married to the 'other Janet' in North Atlanta mentioned in post 591.


Denene Zackary Pratt

, January 21st, 2011, largo,fl

I am looking for steve quackenbush from waterloo ny, his age would be mid 40's :)


, January 21st, 2011, kansas

Charles and Susan Quackenbush were my great great grandparents. They married in NY, then were in Wheatin, Will county Ill in both 1850 and 1870 census. Moved to Humboldt Neb 1873. Two of their daughters married Tinker brothers. Frances married E P and either susan or Marcia married Dwight. I would like to find who Charles' parents were and go back from there. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.


Joan Q. Frank

, January 26th, 2011, Akron, NY

Richard, I contributed information to your book, which is wonderful by the way, and have a family member from Oklahoma who is interested in getting the book.


Elaina Quackenbush

, February 3rd, 2011, Texas

Thought I'd check in with the rest of us.


Adele Cara Quackenbush DeSande

, February 5th, 2011, 11 Harvard Court, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

I love being a Quackenbush, I have a great family, and so many memories. I am 63 years old from Monsey, NY 10952. I grew up on Quackenbush Lane, with family all around living on the same street. My father was Calvin Leslie Quackenbush born 1-19-1917. I would like to find Edward Calvin Quackenbush and any family he may have. I know he had 3 sons, and his father was my father (listed above) and his mother was Gloria Gillette.


Erik Craig Quackenbush

, February 9th, 2011, Duncan, BC CANADA

testing- just moving the SQL guestbook database to a new server.


bethany ann henshall

, February 14th, 2011, markham on.

hi my name is Bethany henshall my family came from the Quackenbush family line im so happy to find a site so i can see my older family tree. and the site is very cool so is the crest. im also on my mom side tomes but in world war two the German army burned down the library with all the records i cant find anything of my family on that side. by the way im 16 thanks for making the site
Bethany Ann


Andrew Smith

, February 14th, 2011, London

I was a friend and client of Arnly years ago when he looked after my horses in Ottawa-Dwyer Hill

l was planning to pass through Ottawa/Carp en route west and l thought to stop in a say hello.

l went to the web site which took me to this quest book.

Can you advise if Arnly's office is still in Carp

Kindest regards


Andrew Smith

, February 14th, 2011, London

I was a friend and client of Arnly years ago when he looked after my horses in Ottawa-Dwyer Hill.Kim Quackenbush used to show my horses some times

l was planning to pass through Ottawa/Carp en route west and l thought to stop in a say hello.

l went to the web site which took me to this quest book.

Can you advise if Arnly's office is still in Carp

Kindest regards


Alan Quackenbush

, February 15th, 2011, Rancho Cucamonga CA, USA

Hi...I have two Quackenbush 22 caliber rifles I am willing to part with that belonged to my father who passed away~


Julii Brainard

, February 15th, 2011, North Walsham, UK

I am puzzled by a Ben Quackenbush and family who appear on the 1880 Census in the household of my GGgrandfather, George Stout, in Morgan Co. IN. Census taker had Ben down as a "son-in-law". I suspect the Census record was in error, and that Ben was related to George's wife Martha White, or Martha's mother's family, the Russells.
Does this ring a bell with anybody? TIA.


Sherrie M. Miller

, February 17th, 2011, Ellensburg, Washington

I am the granddaughter of Joseph Schmidt, My grandfathers sister had a daughter named Anna Jane, who married Ben Quackenbush, Ben was in the military and traveled a great deal. I am wondering if Ben is one of the family. My mother would like to know if her cousin Anna Jane is still living. My mother is Anna Marie Schmidt Harriman and 84. Sorry to trouble.

Thank you for your time.


T Langford

, February 19th, 2011,

Oddly this is the second time to see this surname while researching butterfield ancestors. First came across it while researching my Sanderson line.



, February 23rd, 2011, asd




, February 23rd, 2011, asd



carol thompson smith

, February 23rd, 2011, stockton, kansas

Would like to find parents of charles, as he is my gggrandfather; his daughter frankie quackenbush tinker was my ggrandmother,.and her son h.a. tinker was my grandfather. I have a quilt frankie made, and i am really interested in knowing more about her family. great site. can't believe there are so many quackenbushes.


Diane Quackenbush Greaves

, February 25th, 2011, San Jose, Ca.



, March 2nd, 2011, maine

just looking for any info on a 12" diameter steel plated target patent April 23 1890. Made by Quackenbush. When you hit the center a duck pops up and a bell rings.


Sharri Quackenbush-Thomas

, March 4th, 2011, Kendall, NY


Healthcliffe von Quackenbush

, March 11th, 2011, Sullivan ARC

They wouldn't let me have any pizza! My experiments were ruined!


R Benson

, March 14th, 2011, Chilliwack BC, Canada

Saw one of these guns at a local gun show this weekend. Interesting.

12-13 March 2011



, March 17th, 2011,

I am looking for a Quackenbush from Wa. named Leonord Fay he would be in
his eighties, married a brief time to a Charlotte Hines. Do not have a birthday for him. Any help would be much appreciated.Patti



, March 17th, 2011,

I am looking for a Quackenbush from Wa. named Leonord Fay he would be in
his eighties, married a brief time to a Charlotte Hines. Do not have a birthday for him. Any help would be much appreciated.Patti


James M Quackenbush

, March 19th, 2011, Waco, Texas

I'm looking for other descendedents of Urial Quackenbush of Lawrence County Indiana. I'm particularly interested in information on my grandfather - Clyde Quackenbush born in 1880 and died in 1927. Thanks


Beverly Harris

, March 22nd, 2011, Superior Wy

I am trying to find out any info on James or Lena Quackenbush!!! and where the family of Quackenbush orginated form.I was told we are Native American ,do you know if that is true or not?any info would help .




, March 25th, 2011, Sonoma CA


Brian M. Quackenbush

, March 27th, 2011, El Mirage, Arizona


paul quackenbush

, April 2nd, 2011, victoria


Robin Quackenbush

, April 21st, 2011, Oak Forest

my auto bio is on lulu.com Secrets of a Five Year Old Prostitute thanks for all who tried to help me find DAD.


Susan Quackenbush

, April 30th, 2011, Chandler AZ


Sandra L. Quackenbush

, May 2nd, 2011, cambridge,newyork


Bernard Quackenbush

, May 8th, 2011, White Sands Missile Range, NM

I am in the Army, and currently I am stationed at White Sands Missile Range, Nm. But I am from Detroit. My father is from Pulaski, NY. I just wanted to know if this the same Quackenbush.

Thank you


John P. Quackenbush

, May 10th, 2011, Northport, NY

My part of the family came to the region of New York known as Kingsboro, later changed to Stump City and currently Gloversville. Our side of the family startde the leather/tanning business in the area but something when wrong and we were exiled to the Carolina's. This is where the name was changed to Quakenbush because we were protector of a group of Quakers in the region. My Grand dadfought in the Civil War and my dad Thomas Roland Quakenbush enlisted in the Navy at the age of 16. After the WWII he married and left Greensboro NC for Gloversville. Who knew the family would return to its roots some two hundred years later! I have since moved from Gloversville to my current location. If you know of any of the North Carolina Quakenbush's I am looking to reconnect.


Rodney W. Qualkinbush

, May 11th, 2011, Muncie Indiana

Thge above is how we spell it.thjere som guackinbush
also some Quakenbush

I am the youngest of 8

my Q\\\'s came from French lick indiana area.
there are some ther in orange county that were from North Carolina.
mine were from the east N.Y

I have the early Qualkinbush in ametruica which I mhad photocopeyed from library nof congress.

just recenty obtainedd a copy of a new version printed in texas which is now out of print. 1987
I understand from a cousin there might be a new one printeed in the future.

myt Q.s came from south Indiana
were farmers.


Tamra Russell Piper

, May 22nd, 2011, Grant Park, IL.

The death certificate of my great grandfather, Delanson Foster Russell, lists his father as Gideon Russell and his mother as Hulda Quackenbush. Delanson was born in the town of Glen, Montgomery County, New York on August 19, 1847.
I have records from the First Reformed Protestant Dutch church of the Town of Glen, organized as the First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of the Town of Charlestown (Charleston) Montgomery County, New York on March 18, 1795. It states that on Feby. 19, 1853 a Delancing Foster and a Gilbert Johnson, whose parents are Jane Eliza Quackenboss and Gideon Russell, were baptised The birth dates are Aug. 21, 1847 and Aug. 19, 1847 respectively.Does anyone have any other information on siblings of Delanson or about the name Hulda?


Robert Bockholdt

, May 23rd, 2011, CT

We are searching for the artist of a stylized deer resembling artwork of native american Zunis. It is signed Quackenbush and says "Mimtus 9" to the right of the signature. It is drawn or printed on what might be rice paper or another kind of special paper. It was recently purchased from a dealer in an antique mall in Boston. The framing appears to be original and has some age. Any help you can give us will be appreciated.
Neither Robert (illustrator - childrens' book)nor Don Quackenbush (glass and graphics)are the artist.
Robert Bockholdt


Casey Behlmer

, May 28th, 2011, Urbana, Ohio

Im 28 and i just asked my mom who my dad is because i never knew him. and i didnt want to until getting engaged to a wonderful native american woman. now im tring to trace my heritage to see if i have any native in me. the only info my mom could remember is his name is Dennis Quackenbush, hes around 55-60 yrs old, he used to live (or still does)in Fremont, Ohio and he was a truck driver. if youy have any info please contact me @ skatch_3@yahoo.com thanks


Jacqui Lou Quackenbush Enteman

, June 10th, 2011, Louisville, KY

love this site, do have the coat of arms as well. i was born and raised in southern Indiana as were my parents.


Deanna DeBruyne

, June 11th, 2011, Renton Washington

This is a wonderful site. My mom\'s maiden name is Quackenbush



Rachel Kellner

, June 15th, 2011, Mass

I am sitting next to a Quackenbush RIGHT NOW.


William L. Slaughter, Sr.

, June 18th, 2011, 811 Will Hussey Rd Seven Springs, NC 28578

Sir, for reasons I will not explain, my son has left me with one of your fine weapons. I regret that airguns are not my passion and I find myself attempting to sell a very fine weapon that I know nothing about, including the price. I would like to obtain your help if possible to sell this weapon. I can not verify the condition of the weapon other that to say it is in excellent condition. I would like to send this weapon to you and let you dispose of it for the appropriate amount. If this is possible please advise, my home number is 252-569-5471.
Very Respectfully, Bill Slaughter



, June 20th, 2011, kokomo,indiana

bedford in.-greatgr.father-harry q. grandfather-vernon q. father-william walker q.
there`s a quackenbush family book at the kokomo,in library of the pietre quack...of indiana (origin holland 1600s)


jacob bouwens

, June 25th, 2011, elsie mi


Leah Parry (nee Quackenbush)

, June 27th, 2011, Perth, Western Australia, AUS


Pri Quackenbush

, June 27th, 2011, Perth, Western Australia

Great site... a couple other nicknmaes I get are: Quackajack and Bushy.


Lynne Fagan.

, June 30th, 2011, Assonet, MA 02702

I found a piece of an old gun and found the Quackenbush name on it. I was wondering if you could tell me something about it. I can read the patent was June 1876 and the name H.M. Quackenbush is on it.



, July 3rd, 2011, dsa


alvin dwan quackenbush

, July 4th, 2011, pultney new york

brother frances raymand robert lee billy joe sister alice(o'dell)


discount scrubs

, July 6th, 2011, ny,usa

Nice share man love it.


tom kwakkenbos

, July 17th, 2011, kamerik,the netherlands

great to read something about the history of my name.


Robert George Quackenbush

, July 17th, 2011, Honolulu, Hi.


Samantha Quackenbush

, July 20th, 2011, California

Anyone know that there are Quackenbush riffles too. My grandfather has quite a few of them. And I've heard stories about a Quackenbush who created a step latter too.


nina quackenbush

, July 28th, 2011, port angeles,wa. usa

looking to fill in the gaps


Adam Quackenbush

, August 4th, 2011, Georgetown OH


Terri Aaen

, August 9th, 2011, wisconsin

hi eric,

i am a friend of andrew and donna's, and we need someone who can (for pay) trace back identity theft and also copyright infringement. do you do that sort of work on the side or can you recommend someone?
thanks a heap, terri


Margery Quackenbush Heinzelmann

, August 10th, 2011, 292 S. Pumpkin Ridge Ct., Columbia City, In.

I am the great great great granddaughter of Peter Quackenbush and Mary Searles who came to Lawrence Co., Indiana in 1818 from Upper New York.


Harvey E. Quackenbush, Jr

, August 16th, 2011, Litchfield Park, AZ

Actually, the book was written by, and about, Col. Phillip
E. Smith. I just happened to be in it a lot.


Darlene Philis Quackenbush Paulson

, August 18th, 2011, RUSHFORD, MN

Does any Quackenbush know of Ernest Quackenbush born
Feb 10th, 1899 in Pipestone,MN ?
He was my Father..His Father was Albert Quackenbush born in Sparta,WI..
I would like to get more information on them, if any can be found..
My Father didn\'t talk about his father much..
Thank you.Darlene


Dale Baldwin

, August 22nd, 2011, belford, nj 07718

I guess I'm looking to see if your Dad is Bob (Quack) from Wickatunk, Nj who was my best buddy back in the 60's. He used to drive a ford with an edsel engine. He graduated from Freehold high School. I lived at the time in Matawan, Nj. We used to hang out at Billy Holtz's house in Matawan, NJ. He worked at a gas station on RT 34 in Matawan. He was in Vietnam and we communicated by letters.I haven't seen him in about 40 years or so.


Nancy Dye

, August 25th, 2011, Minnesota


Nancy Dye

, August 25th, 2011, Minnesota

Hi, I am a decendant of Magdalena (Lena) Quackenbush Wood (David, Pieter, Johannes, Pieter). Had learned of the Q ancestors on ancestry.com this summer. Cheerio!


Jerry Friedman

, September 13th, 2011, Ohio


does anyone have a bicycle gun they would like to sell? You can reach me at smallcameraco@yahoo.com

Regards, Jerry


Kevin j quackenbush

, September 13th, 2011, Marshfield Ma


, September 13th, 2011,

My dad was Mathias J Quackenbush and was a WWII hero. He won the distinguished flying cross. Shot down a Jap Zero defending his plane and crew.


james shaw

, September 20th, 2011, middletown mo

i have a old h.m. quackenbush rifle that was gave to my dad in 1930. anyone know anything about these rifles?


Phyllis Farmer Flaherty

, September 30th, 2011, Superior, WI

This is my great grandmother but I can find nothing on her.She married my great grandfather on Jan 12, 1880 in Buffalo, NY. His name was Joseph A Farmer. Marietta was the daughter of Marietta Gillespie Quackenbush. Marietta Quachenbush Farmer was born on Mar 27, 1855 in Niagra Falls, Canada and died Nov. 10, 1908. I would like to find the Quackenbush connection.


Gary Quackenbush

, September 30th, 2011, Mississauga, ON


elizabeth miller

, October 3rd, 2011, new mexico

The main character in Clive Barkers book the ABARAT is named Candy Quackenbush from chickentown Minnesota. I was just curious why he choose that name.any insight would be helpful. EM


James Quackenbush

, October 16th, 2011, Atlanta (Marietta) GA

Hi Philip Michael Quackenbush ~

Saw the link on google & decided to sign!

Hope you're well,

~ James L. Quackenbush IV


John and Denise Quackenbush

, October 22nd, 2011, Clarkesville Ga.


Diane Quackenush

, October 24th, 2011, Lake Villa, IL


karen marie quackenbush

, October 29th, 2011, Sonoma

Mom loves you and wants to see you as soon as possible,because her husband Carey passed away.Love Momxxoo


Jodie Hamilton

, October 30th, 2011, Sonoma

I am looking for you shawn and I need you to call me soon!
Love Mom


Damon quackenbush

, November 2nd, 2011, Buffalo ny


Jodie Hamilton

, November 3rd, 2011, Petaluma

Your Mom is okay and her husband passed away Sept.14,2011 and you are in my thoughts!


Ken & Terri Quackenbush

, November 3rd, 2011, Now Tampa Florida, Born in Clifton NJ

I was born in Clifton NJ Sept. 1950, graduated Clifton HS 1969. Worked for IBM in NYC, Franklin Lakes NJ, White Plains NY, Southburry CT, finally retured June 1999 and moved to the Tampa Bay area. If anyone thinks were related contact me at kenq4032@gte.net or tbusche@gte.net.

Thank you


Brian Quacke3nbush

, November 3rd, 2011, Frisco, TX

Im Brian, and ive taken my name to heart. A lot of my friends call me duckplant or quacky


Brian Quackenbush

, November 3rd, 2011, Frisco, TX

I love my name. Ive taken the nickname from it to heart and love it. I am DuckPlant


Allyson Quackenbush

, November 11th, 2011, Newark, Ohio


Yohanna Quackenbush

, November 30th, 2011, Cranbrook, BC Canada

Was great to find this website to share with my daughter (though she has read "the book" and now chooses to go by the name van Quackenbosch. Are there any annual (or other) gatherings for us Quacks? Would love to attend a gathering of the clan!


Douglas Quackenbush

, December 9th, 2011, Glendale, CA


Katie Krawczynski

, December 17th, 2011, Massachusetts

John Quackenbush was my Spanish class buddy, but not anymore): I figured I would post this because he\\\'s a Quackenbush and that\\\'s what this website is all about!


cheryl La plante Cressman

, December 18th, 2011, Pennsylvania

My Grandfathers name: Henry La Plante at birth named Quackenbush. dob= 08/18/1924 Died 02/8/1966. Step father William E. Quackenbush married to Maria Tibbets had 3 children Allen,Bill jr. and Grace. 2 died young one was alive Bill in 1980 last known. Bill has daughter Jesse in 1980 was told Bill and Jesse lived in Troy New york..last paper work I have..My grandfather changed his name to La Plante due to others telling him that was who his father was. Anyone know of this story. My grandfathers father died before his birth.


virginia quackenbush-fredericks

, December 18th, 2011, havelock, ontario


Tara Quackenbush

, December 21st, 2011, Livermore. California


Oma L. Rose

, December 23rd, 2011, Reno, Nevada

Trying to prove a marriage between Patience Lobdell and Joseph Q. about 1848/49 perhaps in Erie Co., NY or Welland, Ontario. These folks went to Iowa for the rest of their lives. Thanks and Happy New Year


Gene Cheney

, December 24th, 2011, Colorado

My Grandmother was Eliza Quackenbush Cheney born Mt Clemens Mich.


Gregory Allen Quackenbush

, December 25th, 2011, Jupiter Florida


Dale Heath

, December 27th, 2011, Hobart, Indina

I have had this 22 passed down from family friends.I decided to look it up by the name and up came a picture of the gun minus the fore stock,this 22 has a stock.i haven't tried to shoot it as the spring feels mighty weak.ais there any serial # supposed to be on this? thank you for the questionaire.


James Verdier

, December 27th, 2011, Deerfield ma.

Hi.My mom was a Quackenbush.Her fathers name was Ruben,a large family who grew up in Greenpoint Brooklyn consisted of sisters Cathrine Agnes.Dotti Jerry,brothers Raymond,Jimmy, Eddie I hope im not forgetting any.


Tena R. Quackenbush

, December 31st, 2011, Colorado

I love being a Quackenbush!!


Tena R. Quackenbush

, December 31st, 2011, Colorado

I love being a Quackenbush!!


Gerard Kwakkenbos

, December 31st, 2011, Meerssen, The Netherlands


Kaitlyn Renee Quackenbush

, January 3rd, 2012, Cedar Falls, Iowa

That's a lot of Quackenbushes....


Kaitlyn Quackenbush

, January 3rd, 2012, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Anyone else ever been called \"Quackenbitch?\"


darlyn a. phillips reddy

, January 7th, 2012, mendon, new york

she was born in montour falls, ny june 4, 1913.
her parents were ray quackenbush and myrtle ellis quackenbush.
she had a sister elizabeth jane quackenbush. does anyone else have quackenbush or ellis family from this area? thanks :)


darlyn a. phillips reddy

, January 7th, 2012, mendon, new york

my grandmother was constance grace quackenbush nichols, she was born in montour falls, ny june 4, 1913.
her parents were ray quackenbush and myrtle ellis quackenbush.
she had a sister elizabeth jane quackenbush. does anyone else have quackenbush or ellis family from this area? thanks :)


Eddie Lowrance

, January 8th, 2012, South Lyon, Mi.

Hello, I was just looking for some history on a rifle I received from my father. It is a 22 rifle all blued with a wooden forearm. It is like the second on on your home page. All the ones I can find info on or pictures of are nickel plated and no wood forearm. Also would you know the value or be interested in buying it?
Thank you,
Eddie L.


Charles Peterson

, January 8th, 2012, Eden Prairie

After much research my hat is off to all the "Quackenbush"
for their zest and zeal for advancements in a wide variety of
interests. No doubt in my mind that when a problem or obstical gets in their way they will not be saticfied until they can find a solution to overcome any roadblock that gets in their way. In a word, tenacity!


Charles Peterson

, January 8th, 2012, Eden Prairie. MN. 55347


Christian Lee Slavens

, January 18th, 2012, Alexandria, Ky

My great great grandmother was a Quackenbush. That somehow makes me one to :)


Sandra (quackenbush) Sisco

, January 20th, 2012, Warwick ny, new Smyrna bch Fl.

Looking for relatives of my dad Edgar quackenbush . He lived in Warwick N.Y. And was the son of Emmett Q. And Flora Coddington


Joe Puglia

, January 27th, 2012, california

Did you have a dad or a relative that served in the Marines circa 1968 or 1969. I was in the Basic School with a Joe Quackenbush. I think he became an aviator. Was a wonderful wonderful guy. Let me know.

Warm regards,
Joe Puglia


Elisabeth Coon

, January 30th, 2012, Philadelphia, PA

I have a picture of my grandmother, Edith (Nee Casterline) Townsend Aber with Delia Quackenbush in Brewerton in 1933. I think my mother said that Delia was Grandma's sister-in-law. I put a family tree on Facebook under the names Townsend, Coon and Tucker among other names.


Elisabeth Coon

, January 30th, 2012, Philadelphia, PA

Delia couldn't have been my grandmother's (Edith Townsend Aber) sister-in-law or her name would have been Delia Casterline. I think Delia Quackenbush was my grandmother's aunt. They both look about 40 in my 1933 photo. They look happy--friends on a sunny day. I might be able to find out more. I have a box full of papers. As I said on my previous post, there's a family tree on Facebook. See Townsend, Coon or Tucker.


john ushman

, February 9th, 2012,

Looking for my family history


john Ushman

, February 12th, 2012, ILL

I come from Magdaline Lena Quackenbush B .N.Y 9/27/1727 married a Uriah Wood B 1724 .I have a Family tree started .


john Ushman

, February 12th, 2012, ILL

I come from Magdaline Lena Quackenbush B .N.Y 9/27/1727 married a Uriah Wood B 1724 .I have a Family tree started .


Shelley Quackenbush Roenspie

, February 12th, 2012, Roseville, Ca

My maiden name is Quackenbush.

Please enjoy my website, www.shelleyroenspieart.com
and sign the guestbook on the home page, love to see lots of Quackenbushs!!!

and please "friend" me on facebook at Shelley A Roenspie (Quackenbush)


Kern L. Qualkenbush

, February 14th, 2012, Fishers, IN

I am glad to make your acquaintance.


Michael Quackenbush

, February 17th, 2012, Waterloo, Ia

I love this site and I hope to make this name even more memorable someday.


Benjamin Lee Quackenbush

, February 19th, 2012, Chicopee, ma from penn yan, ny

Grandfather arland Quackenbush


Claiborne Scholl Nappier

, February 21st, 2012, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida/Missouri

Love this site. I have owned one of these originals for years. I bought it from a friend of mine when i was about 11 years old..that being around 1963. It is an awesome old rifle..Thanks


Maggie Quest

, February 23rd, 2012, New Carlisle, Indiana

Daughter of John, Ivan is my great-uncle.


Judith Quackenbush Johnso

, March 1st, 2012, Sacramento, California



, March 5th, 2012, va

im checking on relationship


Carol Clark De Graw

, March 9th, 2012, Ocean Shores, WA


Carol Clark De Graw

, March 9th, 2012, Ocean Shores, WA

Hello, Looking for Lucille Quackenbush Lusk. Last address in Las Vegas , NV. rcdegraw@aol.com.


Robert Clarence Quackenbush

, March 14th, 2012, Sallisaw, Oklahoma

In the 50's I went to a Quackenbush reunion in up state New York. That was the first Quackenbush out side our family i had met. I didn't meet another until 2009. Hard to believe.


Lynsey Quackenbush

, March 23rd, 2012, Orange County, NY


Irene Rasmussen

, March 29th, 2012, Rocklin

Would you know a Louis John Quackenbush?


Irene (Quackenbush) Rasmussen

, March 29th, 2012, Rocklin

My father, Louis John Quackenbush, 1918, attended school in Bisbee, AZ. If there is any connection please let me know because he is still with us and living in Roseville, CA

Thank you,
Irene Rasmussen - Maiden name, Quackenbush


Irene (Quackenbush) Rasmussen

, March 29th, 2012, Rocklin

My father, Louis John Quackenbush, 1918, attended school in Bisbee, AZ. If there is any connection please let us know because he is still with us and living in Roseville, CA

Thank you,
Irene Rasmussen (Maiden name, Quackenbush)


Susan Downing Horne

, March 31st, 2012, Auburn, California

My late mother was Helen Marie Quackenbush Downing of Blue Island, Illinois.


Irene Quackenbush Rasmussen

, April 1st, 2012,


Sonia Quackenbush

, April 19th, 2012, Alma, AR


Ken Quackenbush Jr.

, April 27th, 2012, Syracuse, NY

I was born and raised in north Jersey, but I've also lived in PA, ME, OH, and now I reside in NY. I am 32 years old.

My grandfather's name was Benjamin, unfortunately he passed away before I was born. I have an uncle that I have not seen since I was very young, so unfortunately I don't have much to contribute to the family history.

Father- Ken Sr.
Mother- Florence (Lorie)
Brother- Taylor (Beau)
Children- Carina and Benjamin

I wish you all the best, and hope our name has treated you all better than it has treated me. Not for nothing, but I learned how to fight at a very young age thanks to this name. Thankfully I learned early enough that laughing at yourself is not so bad after all.

Be easy my army of Quackenbushes,



sandra robson

, April 30th, 2012, bay city michigan

I know my grandmother (on one part of the tree )was a quackenbush on my father side.There was the name crofoot mentioned too. my fathers name is sidney robson. I am not sure of anyone older than him when it comes to names including his parents. where are my ancestors?? please let me know.


Sarah Quackenbush Nestlen

, May 10th, 2012, Rochester, NY

I am Sarah Quackenbush Nestlen, daughter of Jesse Quackenbush from Canajoharie, NY. He's currently an attorney in Amarillo, Tx/ Albuqurque, NM. He has written a book, "Leoncillo's Candle of Death" under the pen name "Anthony Josef". He's made a documentary that you can find on Netflix called "The Last Word", and hosted a Documentary Festival in Albuquerque, NM the past 2 years. My siblings include, Katie, Dillon & Karlie Quackenbush. His father had a few brothers, that I think are still alive.
Another "Quackenbush" character reference is in the musical "The Music Man"- they sing a song called "Lyda Rose". Her name was Lyda Rose Quackenbush.


April L. Dowd

, May 11th, 2012, Troy, NY

I have several Quackenbushes as my great grandfathers.


Linda L. Quackenbush

, May 15th, 2012, Boylston, Massachusetts

I married Gary Quackenbush in 1979. He is from upstate New York (Corinth, to be exact). I never heard of the name before in my life. I love my last name; it makes for great conversation.


Amy Hogg

, May 28th, 2012, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I have to go back about 11 generations on my mother's paternal line to claim the name but I'm excited none the less. My Mom and I are heading to Albany, NY in August to get look at Quackenbush House and explore some of the rest of our Dutch/American roots.


Stephanie Scheidt

, June 1st, 2012, now, Bellingham, wa/ Ttown in my boys days

Im sorry it's been so long, your loss is still with me. Stumbling upon this is a word from god. I am still angry, but i'll always love you. What I said in church the day your vw pumped "let me ride" has never left me. Your still my best friend. I miss you! Shi****, sorry mom and dad hope your healing the best you can, be well



, June 1st, 2012, ALBANY

Hello, my name is Lory Quackenbush and I was interested in learning more about our family name and its history.


Emma Nagel

, June 7th, 2012, Eugene, OR

I am the granddaughter of Shelley Quackenbush-Roenspie. I am enjoying this site, so thanks! :D


Will Quackenbush

, June 12th, 2012, Keizer, Oregon

I've only just begun researching the family history. Thank you for making the trip somewhat easier. I grew up int the Brightwood area of Indianapolis, Indiana. New nickname: Duck-In-Shrub. As a teen most of my friends referred to me as either "Quack", "Dutch", or "The Dutchman". Your site is excellent.


Anita Lockard Shelley

, July 4th, 2012, Colfax, Indiana

my great grandmother Mary Pierson (Pearson) Dell parents names were Charles Pierson (Pearson) and Helen or Ellen Quackenbush Pierson (Pearson). Mary was born 2/14/1848 in Camden N.J. and died 12/19/1926 in indianapolis. Could this Quackenbush be of the same family?


Henry D Quackenbush

, July 9th, 2012, Bridgeville Delaware

There are a lot of use out there.



, July 10th, 2012, Texas

Researching history of my little hometown. P.A. Quackenbush was named news reporter and solicitor of The Van News in May of 1930. News article says he had been in newspaper business for 28 years. Would love to know more about him. He was the "cheerleader" for the town - always urging improvement. Active in development of the town. What happened to him?



, July 14th, 2012, some



tony corbin

, July 28th, 2012, Taylor

been looking for an old friend Linda,she was my classmate in new Egypt and Allentown,and then moved away it was 78 or 79 the last time i saw her...thanks


EugeneH. Quackenbush

, July 29th, 2012, hamilton il.


Joan Q. Frank

, July 30th, 2012, Akron, NY

Someone just told me about a gathering of Quackenbushes


Joan Q. Frank

, July 30th, 2012, Akron, NY

Has anyone seen the Q uackenbush Ancestry in America by Gail Richard Quackenbush. I contributed my family info and he connected me back to the first family to come to New Amsterdam in 1600s. he published this book in 1980s. He cannot have more printed because they lost the plates. He is presently puttung the info on Ancestry.com. I have updated my line on Ancestry.com. You could do this also. Also just heard of some Auackenbushes having a reunion in Mumford NY. Dont kno when.


Joan Q. Frank

, July 30th, 2012, Akron, NY

Someone just told me about a gathering of Quackenbushes


Joan Q. Frank

, August 1st, 2012, Akron, NY

Just checking for answers to my ?





Judith F. Quackenbush Johnson

, August 7th, 2012, Sacramento, California

Any information would be appreciated


Tiana Quackenbush

, August 10th, 2012, Alexandria, VA


Michael Lopez

, August 29th, 2012, West Chester Pa

my name is Cpl Michael Lopez, son of Sue Quackenbush of new jersey. currently serving over in Afghanistan. love the family and love researching its history


Tim Quackenbush

, September 1st, 2012, Airmont, NY

I\'m Tim Quackenbush


Jason Ryan Quackenbush

, September 2nd, 2012, Catonsville, MD



Veronica M. Quackenbush

, September 4th, 2012, California


dave conway

, September 7th, 2012, mo.

For one thing you owe me some drum lessons yet if i remember.


Alyson Quackenbush

, September 9th, 2012, oneida, ny

never knew this was here....dont know much about my family...very interesting!!


Ariock Jung Quackenbush

, September 13th, 2012, Streamwood, IL



Janet MAE Quackenbush

, September 15th, 2012, Aiken, S.C.29801



Janet Mae Quackenbush

, September 15th, 2012, Aiken, S.C.29801

WOW!!! Iknew my father had alot of kin but this is so great .My oldersister was a Genology nut AND CALLED IT DIGGING UP BONES AND I HAVE THE INFORMATION ON WHERE WE COME FROM .I' so honered to have what she found out for us.I am realy amazed at how many they are of us ,so hello to all my cousins!!!!!


Janet Mae Quackenbush

, September 15th, 2012, Aiken, S.C.29801

WOW!!! Iknew my father had alot of kin but this is so great .My oldersister was a Genology nut AND CALLED IT DIGGING UP BONES AND I HAVE THE INFORMATION ON WHERE WE COME FROM .I' so honered to have what she found out for us.I am realy amazed at how many they are of us ,so hello to all my cousins!!!!!


jon rehmert

, September 16th, 2012, salina ks

Thought I would let you know there are descendants of Pieter here in Ks.


Misty Quackenbush

, September 18th, 2012, Clemson SC

I recently married a Justice A. Quackenbush, son of William Neal Quackenbush. Looking over your website it seems like we must be from the same family tree. The family is notorious for having boys so when my husband and I gave birth to the first Quackenbush girl in many generations everyone considered her a rare jewel. Her name is Charlotte Elizabeth Quackenbush. I was just curious if you knew if our Quackenbush line is from the same blood line. My Grandfather in-law is David Quackenbush.


Justice and Misty Quackenbush

, September 18th, 2012, Clemson

I just saw the nickname list and there are so many names that should be added. My personal fave for my husband is Captin QuackenJacks


Mark S Quackenbush

, October 12th, 2012, Winter Haven Florida


Sanda Eaton Kardux

, October 18th, 2012, Michigan

Peter J.Quckenbush b 1792 N Y m. C. Brant, is the begaing of my line. from Myrtle dau of Lansing Quackenbush married James Coyne whos daug jeanette Coyne married Leslie Eaton of Mecosta Co. While Morris and Ida May Suttles-Quackenbush daughter Lilliam married William Hopper whos daug Phyllis married William Eaton my brother. Leslie Eaton and William Eaton are from the line of Edward Eaton of Pa whos linkage is from John and Joan of Wales. I am missing lots of information to make this line complete. can you help starting from Peter


Josh Quackenbush

, October 19th, 2012, Quackenbush Estate, Florence, Italy

I have been very sad for many years. When I found this website, I was filled with gallons of euphoria and joy. I will never forget this website. Thank you, Mr. Quackenbush, for making me a complete woman. By the way, I am the true heir of the John K.C. Quackenbush propane fortune.


Tina Quackenbush

, October 19th, 2012, Carmichael, California



, October 21st, 2012, rockland massd

55 years ago i had a friend, russell quackenbush. the best friend i ever had to this day.he tried to steal a dog for me and the owner ruined it by coming out of his house and giving me the dog. miss you rusty. john


Evelyn Turnure Fitzsimmons

, October 31st, 2012, Flintstone, Ga

My grandmother, Elizabeth Irene Ward Turnure, told me her grandmother was a Quackenbush.


Patrick Quackenbush

, November 8th, 2012, Ontario, Canada


Troy Joseph Quackenbush

, November 9th, 2012, 1312 Cliffswallow dr Patterson CA 95363

I would like some clarity on the actual history of my ancestors all the way back as far as can be, as I get older I want to know who my people really were.


Rebecca Quackenbush

, November 15th, 2012, Nowich, Norfolk, England

Jeez, I didn't realize there are so many... I guess it's not that much compared to the whole population of the world but still! All of you seem to live in North America. My Dad's from USA but moved to England and here I am! I've got a younger brother, Joshua :)



, November 15th, 2012, Norwich, Norfolk, England

My Dad's name is Christopher Lee Quackenbush if you know him. My Grandpa is called Rodney and still lives in USA :)


Lindsay Quackenbush

, November 24th, 2012, Greenwich, CT


Jeremy Oakes

, November 27th, 2012, Oshkosh, WI

The Quackenbush line was the furthest of my family lines I was able to trace back. Thanks for putting this site out here. I really enjoyed reading all you've got.


Judith Quackenbush Johnson

, December 1st, 2012, Sacramento, California

Am very interested in my family background. Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.


Virginia Plote

, December 1st, 2012, Lake City, MN

Grandaughter of Winslow (Edith) Quackebush, Chokio, MN
Daughter of Arlene Quackenbush Veith of St,Paul,MN
Is Winslow Q. related to the 6 brothers?



, December 4th, 2012, Philippines

Still wondering if Candy can still go back to his family Chickentown.


john qualkenbush

, December 13th, 2012,


Leslie Sloan

, December 26th, 2012, Ontrario

My husbands grandmothers maiden name was Quackenbush, she went by the first name Minnie though we believe this was a short form or a nick name. Her father's name was Samuel and her brother we believe was Murray we know they came from New York State. Hoping to learn more.


christine crocini-quackenbush

, January 14th, 2013, Fultonville , New York

Greetings from NY . My son Daniel is doing a school project on his heritage and I showed him this site and he would like to say \"Hello\" to all the other Quackenbushes out there .


Arladean Arnson

, January 16th, 2013, Cary

Thank you for providing such interesting information on the history of your name. While at work, I cam across the name of a client named Quackenbush and thought to look it up.


Ryan&Jessica Quackenbush

, February 8th, 2013, woodstock,Ontario



, March 8th, 2013, peterbrough

hey there


David L. Sadler

, March 9th, 2013, Canastota, New York

I read somewhere there was a
Quackenbush rifle invented
in Canastota, N.Y. which is
40 miles west of Herkimer,
N.Y. Could this be the same
or a different Quackenbush?
There is an 1870's article
in a Canastota newspaper
where a Quackenbush businessman
moved from Canastota to Herkimer.


Megan Quackenbush

, March 19th, 2013, Lexington, Kentucky


John Coleman

, March 27th, 2013, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

I am a retired American history prof living in the
Midwest. I am currently working in the correspondence
of Louis Houck, a local railroad developer.
When I saw the name Quackenbush in his incoming mail for 1899, it was a first for me.


Helen Quackenbush Siemers

, April 3rd, 2013, Patchogue, NY

isn't it wonderful being a quackenbush? love my dogs. Hated giving up quackenbush after marriage. Oh well. Old lady here, but enjoyed every minute of being a quackenbush. I'm the best.


John McCready

, April 13th, 2013, Cincinnati, OH


When my mother and father (both now deceased) were married in 1948 they received a wonderful water color painting. The painting depicts stevedores working on a busy dock and it is signed "Quackenbush". I just discovered that Stanley Quackenbush was an animator and a fine arts painter. Is there a possibility that your grandfather might have painted it?

Thanks, John


Diane Quackenbush Douglas

, April 20th, 2013, Fenton MI

I was born Diane Marie Quackenbush in 1955. I am listed in Gail Robert Quackenbush's book as Diane Quackenbush Jacobs. I have since been remarried as Diane Quackenbush Douglas. I have a children's story published as "That's Just the Way it Was!(Not a Fairy Tale)" available on amazon.com.


Amy Pratt

, April 21st, 2013, Carey Ohio

My grandpa was a quackenbush ! :) Harry Rhinard Quackenbush


Robert Pratt

, May 13th, 2013, Lynden, WA

I am the Great Granson of Myron and Anna Quackenboss.


Brandon Quackenbush

, May 22nd, 2013, kissimmee fl

so happy to see people who deal with the same "stuff" I do with this great last name


Mary Overstreet

, May 29th, 2013, Keyes Oklahoma

My Mom is Virginia June Quackenbush. She was born in Cimarron County Oklahoma Sept. 22 1931. Her Dad was Clarence Lancing Quackenbush born Monroe MI in 1876 and passed in 1934. He married Edith Gillis of this union there was 9 children my Mom being the youngest and only one still living.


Mary Overstreet

, May 29th, 2013, Keyes OK

Attention to the Quackenbush in Waxahatchie TX. A bicycle gun is on display at the Boothill Museum in Dodge City KS!!


William McGovern

, May 31st, 2013, Brick, NJ

Trying to get a handle on records of his birth, marriage to Catherine, and his burrial


Naomi Christeen Springsteen Miller

, June 7th, 2013, Pocatello, Idaho

My Grandmother on my father's side was a Quackenbush.


Kent Quackenbush

, June 26th, 2013, King f Prussia, PA

On page 745 of the Quackenbush in America (13336422212)


Lucy Cruz

, June 27th, 2013, IL

Please reach out to me if you are the son of James M Finnessey Sr.


Jeffrey D. Quackenbush

, June 28th, 2013, Valley Falls, NY

I appreciate the site's info.


Michelle Quackenbush

, July 29th, 2013, Scottsdale, AZ

I have been trying to find this book for years. Would you know where I could find one?



, June 24th, 2014, canada


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Gavin Dean Quackenbush

, April 14th, 2019, Kokomo, IN

I’m a proud Quackenbush! I am the Grandson of Larry Dean Quackenbush, who was born 6/29/1942-2/18/2006.



, April 27th, 2019, Wetzawinkel

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John Peter Quakenbush

, May 9th, 2019,

My great great grandfather, John William Quakenbush, was born 1861 and moved to Asheville NC from somewhere...


Kelly Quackenbush

, May 15th, 2019, NY, NY



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, June 28th, 2019, NSW Australia


Hoping you can help me.

I am trying to discover some details about my great grandmother on my mother's side - Cora Elizabeth Quackenbush. I have done a lot of searching on Ancestry but can't seem to determine about her husband/marriage etc, or when she left Canada in order to be able to go further back in line.

My mother told me she was married to a doctor in Canada (Port Dalhousie) and left him taking my grandmother Marjory Hutchinson Collens (later Marlow) with her when she discovered he was sleeping with the scullery maid. She supported them both by teaching piano. By all accounts she was a wonderful courageous woman.

Recently discovered my nephew's American wife has Quackenbush in her family and so would love to find the link.

Any help really appreciated. Thanks


Dean Quackenbush

, July 1st, 2019, Buckeye, AZ

I have encountered several pockets of us throughout the country over the years.



, July 2nd, 2019, Schapen

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